‘1000-lb Sisters’ Amy Slaton Finally Shares Filter-Free Selfie in Heartbreaking TikTok

If you go on any social media account for “1000-lb Sisters” star Amy Slaton, you’ll see trolls constantly bombarding her

Amy Slaton
Amy Slaton - TikTok

If you go on any social media account for “1000-lb Sisters” star Amy Slaton, you’ll see trolls constantly bombarding her with criticism.

Whether it’s about her parenting or about using filters on her selfies, the reality star just can’t seem to catch a break.

Now, she seems to be responding to the trolls with a filter-free selfie and a little self-deprecating humor.

But it’s kinda heartbreaking, and one has to wonder if the trolls take anything away from it – like guilt.

After losing 125lbs, Slaton has been “feeling herself” a little more and sharing more pics to social media. But they’re all filtered, and people can’t help but jab at her for choosing to share beauty filtered selfies.

For some reason, they seem to think that this one person who is out there just living her life needs to worry about sending a message about embracing your authentic self.

She’s supposed to be the single most dedicated source of self empowerment, if you listen to the trolls.

It’s not uncommon for reality stars, though. Unlike celebrities of a different caliber, people see reality stars as more down to earth and approachable. So they want them to reflect the values they wish to emulate in their own lives. It’s a huge burden to put on any one person’s shoulders.

@amyhalterman87Fliter vs non fliter

♬ Beauty and the Beast (from “Beauty and the Beast”) [Instrumental Orchestral Version] – Magic Philharmonic Orchestra

A new TikTok shows that Slaton may have been listening to them all along.

In the TikTok, the theme song from “Beauty and the Beast” plays.

It’s a short video, and it starts out with a filtered selfie of Slaton, with the in-video caption, “beauty.”

Then, around the 8-second mark, the video switches to a non-filtered selfie of the reality star. This time, it reads, “beast.”

It could be a sign that Slaton is struggling with her self-image and doesn’t feel confident sharing filter-free selfies. A good reminder for trolls to keep their opinions to themselves.

But the comment section seems to be a mix of people who both understood the assignment – and missed it entirely.

One person wrote, “I know you like to have fun with the filters but we also love your pretty natural face!”

But another countered with, “You have always been beautiful inside and out don’t listen to what the haters say they are just jealous of you.”

One follower appreciated Slaton’s self-deprecating humor, writing, “It’s the humor for me. Love that we can laugh at ourselves.”

And others wanted to make sure she’s getting some love, writing, “YOU’RE ALWAYS THE BEAUTY! DONT EVEN!” and, “You are not a beast!!!!!! You are beautiful without the filter!!!! Inside and out!!!🥰🥰”

It’s hard to say why people are so focused on Slaton’s filters and why she can’t just enjoy the internet in peace, but it definitely seems like people are on a crusade to force her to show her natural face at all times.

Perhaps the new video can remind them that people have reasons for using filters – like, for instance, they may struggle with confidence.

Then again, it’s the internet.

So we wouldn’t advise holding your breath.