The ‘1000-lb Sisters’ Family is So Much Bigger Than You Think

The Slaton family from “1000-lb Sisters” has quickly stolen the hearts of America. With their snarky attitudes and relatable struggles,

Amy Slaton
Amy Slaton - TikTok

The Slaton family from “1000-lb Sisters” has quickly stolen the hearts of America.

With their snarky attitudes and relatable struggles, the Slaton sisters quickly became a reality TV staple.

While the show focused initially on the pair’s struggles with their weight, it evolved into so much more as the sisters’ lives weaved in and out of the show’s storytelling, making fans feel like they really know them.

Since the show kicked off, we’ve met a few of the Slaton siblings – but did you know just how huge the family is?

Amy Slaton recently did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on TikTok, and she answered a bunch of fun questions. But one answer had people raising their eyebrows in surprise, because wow – there are a lot of siblings!

One follower asked Amy, “How many siblings do you have and who do you think is the most attractive sibling?”

While we’re side-eying the second half of the question, we’re eager to hear the answer to the first half.

And Amy delivered.

@amyhalterman87 #answer to @QTpi🤗🤗🤗 ♬ original sound – Amy Slaton-Halterman

She responded, “How many siblings do I have? Thank you for the question. On my mom’s side, I have five: Misty, Chris, Amanda, Tammy and Me. And my dad has four: Stevie, Tammy, Me, and Little Larry. So yeah, I’ve got three brothers, and three sisters.”

She continued, “Who’s the most attractive of all of us?” She quipped, “we all ugly.”

And one fan asked about what it’s like to be the Slaton sisters in public.

“When you go out, how many times are you stopped and asked for a photo?”

@amyhalterman87 #answer to @cooper ♬ original sound – Amy Slaton-Halterman

Slaton, whose house sounds like a typical household full of happy toddlers, responded, “That’s a very good question. The boys are playing in the background, so excuse the background noise. They are watching ‘Angry Birds.’ But, we get stopped a lot. Mostly out of town.”

She continues, “Because people in town know who we are and are pretty much cool with us. They just treat us like everybody else. Like everybody should.” Here, she pauses meaningfully.

Slaton adds, “But anyway, yeah, we do get stopped a hell of a lot. But we wouldn’t want it any other way. Ask us for pictures, and we will say yes. Don’t take pictures from far away.”

And one fan wanted to know what it was like to live with her sister, asking, “Do you like it?”

@amyhalterman87 #answer to @Heather Danner ♬ original sound – Amy Slaton-Halterman

Amy responded, “Living with my siblings has always been a fond memory. I mean, we do have our fights, we do have our ups, we do have our downs, but we’re normal people. We’re normal family bickering, family rivalry. But yeah, it’s been one of the most wonderful times of my life. Right now, I live with my two boys and myself. But, yeah, Tammy – living with all of them, I’ve lived with Misty, I’ve lived with Chris, I’ve lived with Manda, I’ve lived with Tammy – I’ve lived with all of them.”

At the end of the day, cameras or not, the Slaton sisters are very real people. And it’s exactly that realness that makes them so loveable.