‘1000-lb Sisters’ Star Amanda Halterman Missed Out on Filming Due to Divorce; Things ‘Fell Apart’

Fans of “1000-lb Sisters” have wondered why sister Amanda Halterman didn’t appear often alongside Tammy and Amy Slaton in earlier

Amanda Halterman divorce

Fans of “1000-lb Sisters” have wondered why sister Amanda Halterman didn’t appear often alongside Tammy and Amy Slaton in earlier seasons of the series, and now we know why.

Halterman was dealing with the challenges of a difficult divorce from ex Jason Halterman.

Halterman took to TikTok on Saturday, June 3, to explain. She told followers, “When the show first started, I already started having problems in my marriage. So, I chose not to make a lot of appearances.”

Halterman was at Amy’s wedding to Jason’s brother Michael Halterman in 2019, but explained that during season 2, “things really fell apart.”

In the video, Halterman explains, “I got my own place and during season 3, that’s when we actually filed for divorce. At the end of season 3 is when I started coming in and actually making appearances.”

Amanda says that she did initially try to film during the beginning and middle of season 3. But, she added, “Unfortunately COVID took us out, my sons had COVID and we weren’t able to film.”

In August 2020, Amanda divorced Jason – amicably – after 22 years together. They finalized the process two years later, on August 16, 2022. They have four children together. But only the youngest was under 18 when they split.

But Amanda isn’t the only Slaton sister to face a divorce.

In February 2023, rumors first started circulating online that Amy and Michael were headed toward a divorce after Amy reportedly moved out of their Kentucky home. When she left, Amy took their sons, Gage and Glenn.

Less than a month later, Michael filed for divorce from Amy on March 13, 2023.

Kentucky court records list their official separation date as February 24, 2023.

A judge ruling over the divorce decided that the pair would share temporary joint custody of Gage (2) and Glenn (10 months).

The judge also ruled in favor of a shared parenting schedule that will allow the former couple to “maximize the amount of available parenting time.”

And the judge ruled that Amy and Michael are not to come within 500 feet of each other, and they must stay 500 feet away from each other’s residences.

They are also forbidden from making public statements about each other.

And things may not be perfect in the world of the third sister, Tammy.

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In recent months, fans have speculated that Tammy split from husband Caleb Willingham, even though they just tied the knot back in November 2022.

Some fans pointed to clues that seemingly suggest a split after they romance went long distance early this year.

Back in April, Tammy changed her TikTok account name back to “Slaton.”

Previously, it read “Tammy Willingham.”

And fans were intrigued when Caleb made a post on his private Facebook which read, “If you were here only for my wife, then please delete me now.”

According to those who saw the post, Caleb continued, “We are married by paper only right now. Her decision not mine. It was more than that. I’m hurt, mad, confused and alone even with others around.”

It’s not a surprise that all three sisters are struggling with their marriages. Marriages often see troubled waters amid big changes, and there’s nothing that changes your life quite like massive weight loss – and a reality TV show.