‘1000-lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Surprises Weight Loss Doctor by Walking Without Aide

“1000-lb Sisters” star Tammy Slaton is showing off her massive weight loss and the transformation her body has undergone in

Tammy Slaton

“1000-lb Sisters” star Tammy Slaton is showing off her massive weight loss and the transformation her body has undergone in the process.

And she’s doing so in the most wholesome and heartwarming way possible.

Slaton took to social media to share a video of herself walking unaided – a huge accomplishment for the reality star – and surprised her doctor with the milestone.

In the video, Slaton can be seen walking – unaided! – down the hallway towards her bariatric surgeon, Dr. Eric Smith.

Smith, gleeful, hugs Slaton before they talk about the extraordinary progress she’s made. He titled the video which he shared to Instagram, “the best birthday surprise.” In the short video clip, Slaton is wearing a green flowered dress, black leggings, a gray cardigan and what appears to be some stylin’ kicks – red Crocs.

Smith can be heard saying, “look at you!” and “that’s awesome.”

Slaton gushed about the fact that she didn’t need her oxygen tank to walk around, and had been able to motor without it for about two weeks.

It’s a heartwarming moment that they can both celebrate – after beating so many odds to get there.

Tammy Slaton

Tammy Slaton, Dr. Eric Smith – Instagram

Since starting her weight loss journey, Slaton has lost over 300lbs. Earlier this month, she has opened up about the fact that she is “thankful to be alive.”

At the end of 2022, Tammy was in an food rehab facility.

Unfortunately, while at the facility she stopped breathing. Slaton was then rushed to the hospital, where she was put on a ventilator and placed into a medically-induced coma.

She eventually recovered enough and returned to the rehab facility, where she focused on her weight loss with a renewed fervor.

While at rehab, she met and fell in love with Caleb Willingham. They tied the knot in November 2022.

Unfortunately, while Tammy forged ahead with her weight loss, Caleb allegedly was not as focused on maintaining a healthy diet and they clashed over the differences in their priorities.

Since then, the two have reportedly split.

Tammy’s fans were thrilled in the comments of this week’s milestone vid, one writing, “Walking on her own!? That’s fantastic!!! Happy bday!”

Another added, “Tammy you look amazing.”

One fan added, “Happy Birthday @doctorericsmith_ !! Seeing Tammy walk like that shows what a difference you make in people’s lives❤️❤️.”

And others said, “Omg she’s walking ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Happy Birthday Doc ❤️❤️” and “Happy Birthday Dr. Smith ! You make this world a better place. Seeing Tammy on your birthday is a a great reminder of ALL the patients you are impacting with your compassion, skill and advocacy. Keep making a difference ! And love that we both share June Birthdays. It’s a great month! 🥳.”

But there was one thing that fans kept drawing attention to that had nothing to do with Tammy’s extraordinary weight loss and progress.

Because Smith has a hilarious sign on his door, and commenters couldn’t help but take note of it.

On his office (?) door, Smith has a sign that reads, “BEWARE: FARTAHOLIC. Enter at your own risk.”

How could Tammy do anything but succeed with a doctor who has such a great sense of humor? They make a wonderful team.