‘1000-lb Sisters’ Amy Slaton and Ex Husband Cancel Contentious Custody Hearing

It’s official, “100o-lb Sisters” star Amy Slaton and ex-husband Michael Halterman won’t be meeting in court again for another contentious

Amy Slaton custody hearing

It’s official, “100o-lb Sisters” star Amy Slaton and ex-husband Michael Halterman won’t be meeting in court again for another contentious custody hearing.

They have canceled the next hearing, and will be working things out in private with their respective lawyers.

Slaton and Halterman were due in court on June 1, as they continue the battle over their open divorce and custody case.

A Kentucky court clerk told The Sun that the former couple had canceled their hearing and will meet behind closed doors, potentially the first sign that the pair is ready to deescalate what has become a messy and painful experience for all.

Ever since news broke that they were splitting four months ago, they have been engaged in a nasty back-and-forth over custody of their two children – two-year-old Gage and 11-month-old Glenn.

Halterman is the one who initially filed for divorce back in March.

But it may have started when Slaton first filed domestic abuse charges against Halterman back in February. Those charges have since been dropped, but it’s hard to imagine staying married to someone who formally accuses you of domestic violence.

The Sun reports, “Although Amy was approved by a Kentucky court judge to withdraw her domestic violence claims in May, a civil restraining order was filed separately on the open divorce case in its place.

This means no contact will be permitted outside of their privately agreed-upon contract; however, they are allowed to communicate via text exclusively about parenting their sons.


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The presiding judge previously decided on March 22 that the court must enter a shared parenting schedule, which will allow Amy and Michael to maximize the amount of available parenting time.

Since Amy and Michael were in court in March, the TV star has been on mother duty on the weekdays and Michael has taken the children on the weekends.”

But in May, Halterman appeared before a judge and asked for full joint custody of their shared children. He wants a scenario where he’s caring for the children for the same number of days a month as Slaton is.

Amy isn’t the only sister going through the pangs of divorce in recent months.

Sister Amanda Halterman recently opened up about why she didn’t appear on early episodes of “1000-lb Sisters;” she was going through a painful divorce at the time.

Ironically, from Michael Halterman’s brother, Jason Halterman.

And sister Tammy Slaton also seems to have called it quits with her husband, Caleb Willingham. Willingham and Tammy tied the knot in November 2022 in a rehab facility, but apparent squabbles over Caleb’s weight gain led to a rift between the pair.

It’s hard to maintain a marriage at the best of times, and trying to juggle the suddenness of fame and the challenges of pursuing massive weight loss certainly add to the challenges of life.

It’s no surprise that all three sisters are finding themselves clashing between who they were (and loved before) and who they’re becoming, but at least they have each other to lean on while everything in their lives shift.