‘1000lb Sisters’ Amy Slaton Divides the Internet Over Instagram Snacking

“1000lb Sisters” star Amy Slaton has divided her followers into two camps following a post to social media on Thursday.

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“1000lb Sisters” star Amy Slaton has divided her followers into two camps following a post to social media on Thursday.

Slaton first appeared on the show alongside her sister Tammy in 2020. At the time, Amy weighed over 400 pounds.

Amy underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2019, and dropped her weight to around 275 pounds.

In a new post, fans are blasting her for an unhealthy snacking choice after she took to social media to share her pride-themed snack.

In the post, Amy showed off a rainbow-themed cookie push pop, with the caption, “@greatamericancookies thank you it so yummy!!”

She shared herself chowing down on the sweet snack, and provided two pics of the delectable bite.

Fans immediately took to the comments with complaints.

One fan was less concerned with Amy’s dietary choices, and more concerned with what Americans are seemingly putting in their mouths; “What even are these? Pre frosted cookies in a tub? American food is weird.”

Another, frustrated, wrote, “Really Amy!!!”

Yet another wrote, “I don’t think thats what ur supposed to be eating while dieting,” followed quickly by another commenter who added, “Stop abusing yourself.”

And another fan explained, “Can someone with food addiction stop once tasted it,I don’t think so,it’s like playing with fire,but I hope she only took 1 cookie for advertisement.”

One fan even called out the company that made the treat, writing, “@greatamericancookies why would you send her those. You know she is trying to curb her sugar. I will never buy a one of your cookies again just for this.”


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But others were there for Amy, trying to brush off the haters.

One follower wrote, “Happy Pride Amy! I gotcha girl! Xo.”

And another addressed others in the comments, writing, “Do you negative people on here forget that this is a real woman with real feelings? Ignore the haters.”

This isn’t the first time this year that Amy has infuriated fans by going off her diet.

In March, Amy filmed herself drinking soda. People who undergo gastric bypass are warned not to consume sugary carbonated sodas after surgery.

And at the time, fans were disapproving.

One wrote, “She’s not supposed to have anything carbonated after weight loss surgery.”

Another added, “I thought y’all can’t have any sodas or candy.” And a third pled with Amy to stay on the dietary straight and narrow, writing, “Stay away from anything fizz with weight loss surgery! Soda #1.”

Even though the critics are right and gastric bypass patients are warned away from soda, there’s something to be said for “everything in moderation.”

While food addicts have to be more careful than the average person when it comes to what they consume, that doesn’t mean they can never eat “fun” foods for the rest of their life.

As long as they’re being aware and moderating, a little cookie pop now and then won’t ruin their progress.

It is a little odd that a cookie company would send such a sweet snack to someone struggling with their weight, though – but so far @greatamericancookies has not weighed in on the controversy.