‘1000-lb Sisters’ Amy Slaton Slammed by Followers for Using Beauty Filter on Son

If you’re a mom in the public eye, you can’t do anything right – just ask “1000-lb Sisters” star Amy

Amy Slaton
Amy Slaton - Instagram

If you’re a mom in the public eye, you can’t do anything right – just ask “1000-lb Sisters” star Amy Slaton.

Slaton has dealt with trolls and well-meaning followers alike for as long as she’s been on the TLC reality show, but things seem to be cranked into high gear over the past week as people are zeroing in on her parenting skills for criticism.

Last week, Slaton shared a cute video to social media which showed her two sons – Glenn, 11 months, and Gage – 2 years.

And instead of watching the adorable tots dance to the music on the television, naysayers and trolls took to the comments with criticisms about Amy’s floor – and the state of her kids’ feet.

But it was a new double-post of a picture of her son Glenn that brought out the nastiest people, apparently.

Slaton seemed to double-post a pic of Glenn smiling for the camera – and a beauty filter gave the toddler luxurious eyelashes.

People immediately slammed the reality star, taking to her comments with pearl-clutching swiftness.

Slaton captured the image, “I know I’m late but happy 11mo to my wonderful goofy boy!! Love you soooo much chunky.”

But the replies didn’t wish the baby a happy birthday, or mention how happy he looks.


The first comment reads, “Filters on babies? No 😢.”

Another adds, “Stop putting filters on babies, they dont need them 😩,” and was quickly followed by, “Filters on a baby, ridiculous! They don’t need it,” and, “Filter on baby…. Oh no 🤦🏻‍♀️.”

And on the apparent duplicate post, the trolls rolled on.

One commented, “The filters….what’s wrong with posting real pics of real faces on Instagram. Sending a wrong message of being our true person!”

Another wrote, “You don’t need a filter for your baby boy, he’s handsome just as he is.”

But not everyone was down for the Amy-bashing session.

A lot of followers turned out to make positive comments about Glenn’s sweet smile, and praise Amy for her loving parenting.

One follower wrote, “If you don’t like her pictures because of filters, unfollow or just scroll on by! Just because it’s not your cup of tea doesn’t mean it’s okay to comment negatively. That is HER child and HER life, stop telling her what to so just because you don’t like it.”

And another addressed the filters directly, writing, “Amy,please continue being creative and ignore the ‘miss entitles’ who think they have a right to tell you what to do . If they knew anything or watched you they would see, your quirky,fun and creative. It’s what is endearing about you. Get your freaky filters on girl!”

Slaton has been criticized in the past for using filters on herself, but slamming a mom for using filters on her baby in an obvious good fun post is a next level troll event.

The reality star doesn’t seem to address the drama most times, just soldiering on with what she’s doing.

It’s a good lesson for everyone on social media: the trolls exist, but you don’t have to feed them.