’10M’ by CELEB Debuts in Las Vegas

Before a crowd of top Las Vegas industry executives, “10M” by CELEB debuted at The Barbershop in the Cosmopolitan on May 18. This

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Before a crowd of top Las Vegas industry executives, “10M” by CELEB debuted at The Barbershop in the Cosmopolitan on May 18. This travel docuseries for the modern era features CELEB CEO Nik Richie as host, along with Executive Producer Zee Zandi and Producer Nima Askari.“10M” allots 10 minutes for each episode.Inspired by legendary television shows like Anthony Bourdain‘s Parts Unknown and Robin Leach’s Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous; “10M” strives to explore cultures and feature “Your Next Destination in 10 Minutes.”

“10M” is available to watch exclusively on the CELEB app.

The premiere party showcased a special performance by Amanda Stewart, the guitarist and vocalist who is interviewed in the first episode, which takes at Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky Mountain. Guests sipped signature cocktails and awaited the big moment.

Inside the “10M” Premiere

10M Casamigos

Las Vegas’ in crowd entered the low-lit speakeasy through a real working vintage barbershop and sipped on Champagne from Perrier Jouet and signature cocktails such as the Casamigos “LMR” and the Bulleit Bourbon “Your Next Destination.” Many of the tables also featured Ciroc bottle service.

Following an extended set by Stewart, Zandi took the stage to introduce herself and the project. “It is something I’ve never done before,” says the executive producer. “Something new and exciting. If you know me, you know I have a passion for travel, culture and music—this is truly second nature to me. And this time I didn’t have to ask anyone for time off.” Zandi then paid homage to Richie, and their close relationship.

“Sometimes it takes a friend to lift you up into a place where you feel comfortable and uncomfortable. I think tonight will be special for all of us as we open the next chapter of our journey,” she says.

The Premiere Episode of “10M”

Richie—in a Maceoo blazer, styled by Ricci Lopez—then hopped on stage to explain his vision for “10M” and gave a little backstory as to how “10M” came to be, and his role as host, which he describes a little bit Robin Leach and a little bit Anthony Bourdain.

“It’s been a passion of mine and a vision of mine,” says Richie. “I think everyone is trying to put their dreams on hold and this represents the next chapter of what I want to do. This is a travel docuseries where I go all over the world to meet different people from cultures, trying to understand not only my life but your life, and give back to some of these communities. In our lives, we’re so busy on our hustle-bustle, trying to beat each other, we really just need to come together. I hope you guys enjoy this, the first episode is about Montana, Lone Mountain Ranch.

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Another CELEB Brand

10M Zee Zandi Nik Richie

When CELEB Magazine debuted in 2020, it sought to change the celebrity news game with content covering sports, travel, lifestyle, breaking news, and more, readers get a taste of it all. Recently, CELEB Magazine, launched a CELEB app for iPhone and Android users.

“10M” is available exclusively on the CELEB app.