Introducing ’10M’ by CELEB: Your Next Destination in 10 Minutes

Over the past year, people have become more keenly aware of the limits of the world. We’ve been at home,

10M CELEB Nik Richie

Over the past year, people have become more keenly aware of the limits of the world. We’ve been at home, dreaming of the “out there,” hoping to someday explore once again. CELEB has been there with you every step of the way, watching the world contract, and now slowly begin to expand again.

Now, CELEB presents “10M,” a travel docuseries that showcases “Your Next Destination in 10 Minutes.” CELEB CEO Nik Richie and Executive Producer Zee Zandi have crafted a digital journey that invites more than just travel, hospitality and exploration: It brings the promise of a tomorrow where our world doesn’t end at the edges of our property. This world stretches as far as the imagination, will, determination, and perseverance allows.

What is “10M”?

10M CELEB Nik Richie

The first episode of “10M” takes place at Lone Mountain Ranch in Montana. Lone Mountain is a breathtaking location that combines the comforts of a resort with the rugged freedom of living on the range, with a respectful nod to the law of nature.

CELEB spoke with Zandi, along with CELEB COO and 10M Producer Nima Askari to get an idea of what viewers can expect from an episode of “10M.”

“Often times, a one-hour travel show is a bit much. With ’10M’ we give people an experience in minutes that touches culture, food and experience—all the things you want to explore while traveling” she says.

The Origins of “10M”?

10M CELEB Nik Richie

The team behind “10M” came up with the idea for a show that doesn’t just travel, it explores.  During the pandemic, Zandi and Richie spoke often and a more concrete plan for the docuseries started to form.

“Nik and I traveled to Spain together awhile ago. We got a taste of what that side of the world is like together. And Nik was impressed by the people that I’ve met around the world, and throughout my years of being in the music industry and the friends I’ve made while  traveling,” she says. “We had this joke about doing a show together. We talked a lot in 2020 and he was one of the people that checked on me frequently during those difficult times. Our friendship grew as we supported each other. I went to visit him in June 2020. We were talking about how we should share with the world a glimpse of the things we get to see, being in the entertainment industry. A lot of travel shows are the same. They show the beaches, the hotels, the same kind of script in the same kind of way. But there were people out there like Anthony Bourdain and Robin Leach, and others really getting to know the world, and it really inspired us to do our own show.”

Zandi and Richie didn’t want to repeat the same tropes and experiences, they wanted to share their perspective of the world in a totally new way.

The Experience “10M”

10M CELEB Nik Richie

It’s easy to say, “let’s do something different,” and another thing entirely to bring it to life. Some of Askari’s greatest talents lie in problem solving and thinking creatively, and he was able to help craft a day-to-day process to propel “10M” forward. “I started with the storyboard, collaborating with Zee and Nik. I manage the day-to-day, the finances, the logistics. And alongside ’10M,’ I was helping to create the CELEB app, which is where the show will live.”

Zandi adds that learning about the cultures in the places they’re exploring is driving personal growth, something they hope to bring to viewers. “I think one thing the pandemic has done is teach people to be humble and to learn and respect each other’s cultures,” she says. “10M” can bring a that lesson home, and hopes also to encourage people to get out there and try something new. If you’re having a hard time where you are, sometimes what you need is a shift in perspective. The idea is to get out and travel when you can. And the hope is that the journey with “10M” inspires people. This is one way “10M” hopes to make the world a little brighter, and its wonders a little more accessible.

The Future of “10M”?

10M CELEB Nik Richie

Aside from adding more content to the CELEB platform, Askari has a vision for “10M’s” future: “What we’re really starting here is more than a travel show, it’s the beginning of an ecosystem. We can bring together our content and Nik’s perspective and the depth of his travel experiences,” he says.

“10M” melds with the CELEB brand, which offers its own perspective and truth-telling for the world.


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