10M Takes Viewers to Art Basel Miami with Casa Dragones and the Fontainebleau

10M is a unique type of documentary – it takes viewers to a special destination in just 10 minutes. On

10M Takes Viewers to Art Basel Miami; Tequila

10M is a unique type of documentary – it takes viewers to a special destination in just 10 minutes. On the third episode of 10M, host Nik Richie takes viewers into the heart of Art Basel Miami. Richie chats with the founder of Casa Dragones Tequila, Bertha González Nieves, as well as the CEO of Fontainebleau Miami Beach, Philip Goldfarb

Richie also takes viewers on a breathtaking journey through the art and wonder that is Art Basel Miami. Join CELEB on a 10-minute journey through Miami and Art Basel – the beating heart of the contemporary art world. 

Casa Dragones


Casa Dragones Tequila is an evolution of the world of tequila. Not content to be the kind of tequila you toss back in a shot glass and suffer your way through, eyes watering and throat afire – Casa Dragones brings you a sipping tequila with a full flavor palette and a delight to drink.

As Richie sits down with Casa Dragones founder Nieves, they discuss how she started the brand in a very male-dominated world, refusing to let her gender define her place in the industry. Nieves explains, “When I started in this industry, I never stopped to think that there were not going to be a lot of females in the industry. When I had the second day in my role, I looked around – I was being introduced to a sales force – and I looked around and thought, ‘uh-oh. there’s not a lot of women here.’”

Nieves is proud to be a woman, but didn’t want to be limited to being merely a woman entrepreneur – she wanted to be the best she could be, and leave behind a legacy without limits for those coming behind her.

Richie inquires as to the name, which sounds imposing at first glance; “When we founded the company, we really wanted everything about our brand to be rooted in Mexican history, tradition, design, and really showcase the sophistication and elegance that Mexico has.” Nieves continues, “We were very inspired.” By “we,” Nieves is referring to her business partner Bob Pittman – the founder of MTv. Together they researched a house he had in San Miguel de Allende and uncovered a rich and vibrant history that was tied to the history of Mexican independence.

The label of Casa Dragones has a specific number on it, 16, that ties in to the history of that house, as well as the day the movement for Mexican independence started – September 16. It’s a brilliant nod to the roots of the drink, and Nieves and Richie talk about tasting Mexico when drinking a good tequila. 

The Fontainebleau Miami Beach


Richie next takes viewers on a walk through Art Basel, visiting installations and exhibits that are beautiful and awe-inspiring enough to boggle the mind. But soon, he finds himself approaching the world-famous Fontainebleau Miami Beach, a breathtaking contemporary structure on the white sand shores of Florida with a vibrant and storied history.

Richie speaks with Philip Goldfarb, President and CEO of the Fontainebleau. They chat about the famous, “Staircase to Nowhere,” and the rich history of the hotel. Goldfarb verbally walks Richie through the hotel to touch on some of the more impressive features, including the bowtie floor – a theme repeated throughout. Goldfarb adds, “These [chandeliers] were commissioned by Ai Weiwei, the Chinese dissident. Theyre valued at about a million dollars each. Right behind those are the James Turrells.” There are 6 James Turrell pieces throughout the hotel, worth over $5M. 

The hotel is beautiful, a charming blend of elegance and opulence with a relatable and comfortable atmosphere. For a place to stay in Miami, the Fontainebleau is second to none. 

10M – a New Type of Documentary in 10 Minutes


Richie concludes the episode with a drive around Miami – giving viewers a look through the city’s palm-lined streets and charming architecture. 

The episode of 10M Miami captures the heart of the 10M project. It gives people a glimpse into a life they may not always have access to. After all, not everyone can jet around the world and rub elbows with entrepreneur titans like Nieves or hospitality leaders like Goldfarb – and not everyone has the time to visit Art Basel Miami.

With 10M, you can share those moments and experience those events through the relatable and compelling interview style of Richie. 

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