12-year-old Gnaws Through Restraints to Flee House of Horrors and Captor’s Home

A 12-year-old girl is safe after fleeing the home of her captor. Not only was she tied up and abused,

12-year-old Gnaws Through Restraints to Flee House of Horrors and Captor's Home

A 12-year-old girl is safe after fleeing the home of her captor.

Not only was she tied up and abused, but the house itself had the decomposing remains of two bodies in it, a smell that must had filled her horrific moments in the home.

The little girl was able to save herself with a will to live that is astonishing, freeing herself from a monster.

Child Saves Herself

Police Reveal Terrifying Connection Between Slain Schmidt Family and Campsite Killer

A child found wandering alone in the area of County Road 34 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama.

Just before 8:30PM on August 1, police made contact with the child – a 12-year-old girl. She was transported to the hospital for medical attention, and her story was one of survival and horror.

The child revealed to police that she had been strapped to a bed in a home, assaulted, and forced to drink alcohol.

She escaped by chewing through her restraints and fleeing in the night.

Jose Reyes was taken into custody in connection with the case, and police discovered the remains of two decomposing bodies in his home when they executed a search warrant. It's unknown how long the bodies were in the residence, and they have been sent for testing and identification.

Reyes is being charged with first-degree kidnapping and capital murder. His relationship to the child has not been released at this time.

Other House of Horrors Survivors Share Their Story

Unfortunately, as horrible as it is, the little girl's story of being held captive and abused is not unique.

Recently, two famous survivors of a childhood house of horror have been speaking out. About their experience, and later abuses perpetrated in foster homes that were supposed to protect them while they healed.

In 2018, the nation was horrified when a 17-year-old girl (Jordan Turpin) fled her childhood home and revealed to neighbors that she and her 12 siblings were being horrifically abused by their parents.

PopCulture writes, "Authorities found that David and Louise Turpin had chained their children to furniture, withheld food and enacted other cruelties on them. The offspring ranged in age from 2 to 29, so the minors were put into the foster care system while David and Louise went on trial. Now, Jordan has revealed that foster care was not the saving grace they hoped it would be."

Jordan and five of her siblings have filed a lawsuit against Riverside County, California, and ChildNet Youth and Family Services. They allege that the agencies were negligent in placing the already traumatized children in foster homes with histories of abuse.

Jordan told reporters, "I'm not ready to go into details about what happened to me in that home. I was very traumatized, and it's been a very scary journey. It was really hard to understand the first situation. Then going into another, that was just really, really hard. You have all these questions and you just don't get the answer."

We have inside jokes and have so much fun together. After everything that happened, and after escaping, I'm so protective over each one. They always know they have me.

Although she now has her high school diploma and plans on attending college, Jordan was thrown into a foster care system that separated her from her siblings and subjected her to more abuse – which resulted in her living homeless for awhile.

Now, she has her own apartment and remains close to all 12 of her siblings. Jordan has plans to write her own memoir and be a motivational speaker. Through her quarter-of-a-million followers on TikTok, Turpin finds common cause with others, explaining, "I want to take what I went through and turn it into something positive. I want people to know they're not alone. There is a way out… The best thing that can happen to me is seeing that I made someone's day. Sometimes I get comments like, 'I can relate to this,' and that makes me so excited. I'm very thankful and blessed that I can be there to help others and make a difference."