2021’s Taste of Luxury: Caviar Craze, Cast Iron and More

Everyone loves their favorite food. Whether you’re a meat-and-potatoes type of person or a caviar-and-champagne type of person, we’re always


Everyone loves their favorite food. Whether you’re a meat-and-potatoes type of person or a caviar-and-champagne type of person, we’re always on the hunt for the next perfect bite of our faves. 2021 brought a lot of tasty trends, but it’s almost over. Before the end, CELEB brings you two more foodie faves for people who appreciate the finer things in life, like caviar and pancakes. 

Caviar Craze


Caviar: people either love it or hate it. With a rich, salty taste and a unique texture only shared by tapioca and boba, caviar is a food that has long sat at the table of the elite. Polanco Caviar takes that elite, by-the-salt flavor once available only to chefs, and brings it straight to customers.

Polanco brings caviar straight from farm to table, with no repacking or middleman in between. The farm sits on Rincón del Bonete Reservoir, on the River Negro in Uruguay. The only caviar farm in the Southern Hemisphere, Polanco is one of only five farms in the world that grows their sturgeon directly in the river. 

After 8-10 years of maturation in a habitat that feels like their own natural environment, eggs are harvested and aged 4-6 months in salt. Caviar was once out of reach for a vast majority of the world, but now you can even get it on Amazon. For more information on this delectable bite or to dive into the world of caviar as a “new year, new you” arrives, visit Polanco’s website

Cast Iron Pan by Takashi Murakami

Cast Iron Pan

Perhaps you live for the simpler fine things in life, such as the perfect pancake. Art and cooking have teamed up to bring you the perfect pancake pan. Born in 1961, Takashi Murakami is a Japanese contemporary artist known the world over for his artistic mastery of a variety of mediums including installation art, sculpture, paint, and so much more. 

Murakami and NTWRK have teamed up to release a stunning cast iron pancake pan that creates the perfect fluffy pancake in the shape of his signature flower figure. Dropping on NTWRK starting December 13, this cast iron pan is the perfect way to take your pancakes to the next level.

Murakami is in some of the greatest museums the world over and has collaborated with greats like Louis Vuitton. Owning this cast iron pan is the perfect opportunity to show that you take your food seriously, but in a playful way. The flower shape will be a conversation piece, but the flavor is up to you. 

Murakami also recently released a flower-shaped, rainbow-and-sparkles watch in collaboration with Hublot. 

2021 Food Trends: A Look Back

Uber Eats

2021 brought some interesting food trends. Remember the battle of the chicken sandwiches, and how we decided collectively to leave the superfood myth in 2020?

Here are some of our favorites from the past year as we look towards a new year, new world of gastric options:

  • TikTok: The social media app brought a bevy of options for aspiring foodies. From simple hacks that turned your toaster into a quesadilla machine to fancy dishes no one had ever heard of, TikTok has it all. Gordon Ramsey even got in on the action over the last year, racking up over 30 million followers. 
  • Delivery, delivery, delivery: In 2020 we tried to stay healthy and cook more at home. With shortages on the shelves, people got creative. By 2021, we were all a little tired of cooking what was available and turned to delivery. For more information on weird delivery orders over the past year, check out this storyCELEB did on wacky Uber Eats orders. 
  • Battle of the Bock: Are you a Popeyes loyalist, or do you think Zaxby’s is king? In 2021, we saw chicken sandwiches still going head-to-head over who makes the best way-too-big fried chicken sandwich. 
  • Guilt-free eating: Before 2021, “guilt-free” was a term used to coin low-calorie diet foods. Now, guilt-free eating is whatever you put in your mouth. 2021 saw people tired of caring what other people think of their eating habits and embracing what they love. We hope this one keeps going in 2022.
  • Picky pasta: In 2021 we learned that spaghetti noodles are not the same as other noodles, and everything else is pasta. Some people get really bent out of shape about this, so make sure you call your dish the right thing when you tag it on Instagram. 

Whether you’re looking to toss a garnish on a plate with a simple PB&J and call it good, or explore the world of caviar, 2021 was the year to try something new. In 2022, the possibility that the current shipping issues that are plaguing shoppers with empty shelves will resolve and some of our favorites will come back. Bucatini, we miss you.