2022 Fall Movie Preview – The Ten Films You Need To See in September

The arrival of fall 2022 is officially here. If the influx of pumpkin spice everything isn't your first clue, then

2022 Fall Movie Preview - The Ten Films You Need To See in September

The arrival of fall 2022 is officially here. If the influx of pumpkin spice everything isn't your first clue, then take a look at the movies. In Hollywood, Labor Day is the agreed upon release time for movies hoping to make a splash during award season. The film festivals are finally welcoming back movie lovers in-person for the first time in two years and are among the numerous pit stops along the road to Oscar.

Now that summer is in the rear-view, let's look ahead to the flicks you should absolutely put on your calendar this month.

“Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul.”

Trinitie Childs (Regina Hall, Girls Trip) is the self appointed First Lady of a Southern Baptist Mega Church founded by her husband Lee-Curtis Childs (Sterling K. Brown,”This is Us”). In Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul, we find the couple attempting to rebuild their congregation after a huge scandal.

Set against the making of a documentary, the movie follows a very shiny-suited, Gucci wearing Pastor Childs as he attempts to welcome back followers, and his old life. This despite an ego bigger than the size of Texas and an absolute tone deaf air of sensibility. All the while his wife, in spite of her better judgment, stands by his side as they fight the evils of the world. That includes a younger rival power preaching couple Keon Sumpter (Conphidance) and Shakura Sumpter (Nicole Beharie).


We are not lying when we say that Pinocchio is far from your average Disney movie. Packed with more star-power than there are princes and princesses in the entire Walt Disney kingdom, this live action plus CGI film is guaranteed to be an instant classic.

Oscar winner Tom Hanks has spent most of 2022 as Col. Tom Parker in Elvis, He also pulls the strings as Geppeto in the beloved story of a wooden puppet named Pinocchio – voiced by Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, “The Sandman – who’s wish to be a real boy sends him on an adventure of a lifetime. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception)  is  Jiminy Cricket, who serves as Pinocchio’s guide and his "conscience", Academy Award nominee Cynthia Erivo (Harriet) is the Blue Fairy, Keegan-Michael Key(“Schmigadoon!”)  is "Honest" John, Academy Award nominee Lorraine Bracco (“Sopranos”) is Sofia the Seagull, and in a new character role is Luke Evans (“Nine Perfect Strangers)  is The Coachman.

Though we’ve screened the movie, we are under a strict embargo until the day of release. Read into that what you will.

Streaming: September 8 exclusively on Disney+.

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama

Rated: PG

Runtime: N/A

“Clerks III”

The Clerks gang is back on the big screen much to the delight of fans all over. Here is the deal. Randal (Jeff Anderson) and Dante (Brian O'Halloran) are still hitting a hockey game near their old and familiar convenience store. When Randal has a heart attack, he decides to stop watching movies and instead make a movie.

If the storyline sounds familiar it is because it is. Kevin Smith (who stars in, wrote and directed) Clerks III suffered a heart attack in 2018.

Also starring in Clerks III is Jason Mewes, the newly hitched Ben Affleck, Justin Long, Rosario Dawson and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

In theaters: September 13

Genre: Comedy

Rated: R

Runtime: 1hr 55min

Goodnight Mommy

“I hate that you have to see me like this,” says Naomi Watts as Mother in the new movie Goodnight Mommy. Truth is, it’s been a minute since we’ve seen Watts in much of anything lately. The Oscar-nominated actress has eased her foot off the career pedal and gone from 90mph on PCH to a more manageable 45mph. Watts comes off the highway with this new dramatic horror movie going to Prime Video.

Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti star as Elias and Nicholas, twin-brothers who come home to find their mom wrapped up and looking more like a mummy than their actual mother. After a series of bizarre incidents, the boys start to suspect that she isn’t who she claims to be.

What follows is an unnerving thriller filled with suspense.

Streaming on September 16 on Prime Video

Genre: Crime, Drama, Horror

Rated: R

Runtime: N/A

“The Woman King”

Viola Davis has been on a crusade to bring bio pics to the big screen. Both her performance as former First Lady Michelle Obama in “The First Lady” and as Harriet Tubman are proof of this. Her latest is no different.

In The Woman King, the Oscar winner is General Nanisca, a woman fighter who is part of an entire real-life army of women warriors called Agojie. The women defended the West African kingdom of Dahomey in the 18th and 19th centuries. The movie is packed with action and drama. It is certainly a role that Davis has been very proud of in her talks with the press while promoting the movie.

The Woman King, a historical epic inspired by real events, also stars John Boyega.

In theaters: September 16

Genre: Action, Drama, Historical

Rated: PG-13

Runtime: 2h 6m


Marilyn Monroe is the epitome of iconic. Off the top of our heads we can’t think about a more talked about actress in the 20th century. The woman single handedly invented the term “Blonde Bombshell.” With more movies, bios and programs on the young starlet you’d think there wouldn’t be much left to discuss. But in the land of pop culture, there is always room for one more and Blonde is that project.

Ana de Armas is Norma Jean/Marilyn Monroe in this movie that is based on a bestselling book by Joyce Carol Oats. The book, a reimagining of Monroe’s life, chronicles her rise to stardom through to her untimely death. Blonde blurs the line between fact and fiction both in story and artistically by alternating from color to black and white.

The film also stars Bobby Cannavale as Joe DiMaggio and Adrien Brody as Arthur Miller, Monroe's 2nd and 3rd husbands respectively. Blonde was originally announced two decades ago in 2010 with Naomi Watts first attached to it. Later, actress Jessica Chastain would come on board before exciting and making room for de Armas. The film will finally premiere at the Venice Film Festival in early September before dropping on Netflix on the 28th. Make note of the almost 3 hour runtime on this film.

Streaming: September 28 on Netflix

Genre: Biography, Drama

Rated: NC-17

Runtime:2h 46m

“Don’t Worry Darling”

There has been much talk about Don’t Worry Darling in recent months. Most of which has very little to do with the actual movie. Instead, much tea has been spilled about the people in the movie, those who made it and even those who could have starred in it. But, as they say in H-Town, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Aside from it being one of the most talked about movies, it is also one of the most intriguing films on the fall slate. Don’t Worry Darling stars Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Chris Pine and Olivia Wilde (who also serves as the movie's director). Without giving too much away, the film appears to be a cross between The Truman Show and a mild version of The Handmaid’s Tale.

Pugh is Alice Chambers, a married housewife who begins to question the perfection of her idyllic and utopian community. What she uncovers is possibly one of the most disturbing secrets of our generation.

In theaters: September 23

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Rated: R

Runtime: 2h 2m


If I told you that no major studio has ever released a movie written by a gay man that stars a predominantly gay cast, you would call me a liar. I would then tell you that while this is 2022, that fact happens to be true.

Billy Eichner – best known for his hilarious “Billy on the Street” series – co-wrote and stars in Bros. This romantic comedy is the story of two gay men who may or may not be on the road to love. Eichner is Bobby and is downright confused about a hot looking hunk of a man named Aaron (Luke Macfarlane).

Is he gay? Is he interested?

The two men, opposites in just about everything, are very much similar in their ability to deliver some much needed lighthearted laughs.

That said, this is very much in Eichner’s tone in that it delivers sharp and smart quips about gay life. The movie is a much needed break from the stereotypical sassy queer friend that has been so beloved by Hollywood in the past. Let’s hope it’s the beginning of a trend.

The supporting cast includes the aforementioned LGBTQ+ principal cast of; T's Madison ("The Ts Madison Experience"), Monica Raymund ("Chicago Fire"), Guillermo Díaz ("Scandal"), Guy Branum (The Other Two) and Amanda Bearse ("Married …with Children").

In theaters: September 30

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Rated: R

Runtime: N/A

“The Greatest Beer Run Ever”

When a movie is titled The Greatest Beer Run Ever the high expectation is poured right in isn’t it? Well Zac Efron and Apple TV+ are betting they can deliver on all the buzz surrounding the film that is based on a true story.

Zac is Chickie Donohue, a young man who is living the life of a New Yorker in the late 60’s. Feeling like he is brewing up a boring and stale life that amounts to very little, he decides to do a solid for his childhood friends and bring ‘em a beer.

Now that is a good friend.

Trouble is, his friends are overseas fighting in the Vietnam War.

The Greatest Beer Run also stars Russell Crowe and Bill Murray. It is worth noting that director Peter Farrelly’s last film was also based on a true story. That movie was Green Book and it went on to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. We did say that it had high expectations.

Streaming: September 30 on Apple TV+

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama

Rated: R