Top 5 Face Masks Celebrities are Currently Wearing

Before 2020 what did you need to remember before you left your house? Wallet, ID and keys, right? What about

Kylie Jenner Mask

Before 2020 what did you need to remember before you left your house? Wallet, ID and keys, right? What about 2020? Hand sanitizer, face mask, ID, keys, killer bug spray, am I missing anything? Seriously though, this year has been a lot, I’m sure everyone can attest to this. Some people may have thought the whole face mask thing would be behind us by now. Well, he or she was wrong, but that’s okay! Just style your face masks into your fall wardrobe and make it an essential for 2020 (I’m sure it already is) but if it isn’t it will make: the experience of outfit planning better, will help you remember to always pack that mask and will keep your fall wardrobe more chic than ever. Celebrities already have the right idea for this, they are not only wearing the top face masks but are making sure they are sending a message while remaining stylish. Keep reading to see how they are making face masks their fall essential, while making a difference and how you can do the same!

1. Hailey Bieber Wearing the Disposable MASKC

Bieber posted a picture of herself on Instagram wearing the, MASKC, on September 22, 2020. According to People, “many celebs have been donning voting-themed clothing and jewelry to encourage voter registration and turnout.” More recently, Hailey Bieber was spotted wearing a disposable “Vote” face mask — but it may not be in stock long.” Don’t worry, this mask is still in stock, I checked. It comes in a pack of 10 and is only $18.

2. Bella Hadid Wearing Evolvetogether

The newly turned 24 year old, Bella Hadid posted a very retro outing via Instagram on October 1, 2020. In this outing she was anywhere from: eating cheeseburgers, dancing to eating ice cream all while wearing a yellow Yoda tee, a hoodie and a slightly darker pair of yellow pants. It honestly looked like the perfect day, while Hadid enjoyed herself she wore the Evolvetogether white face mask. It seems this brand, who recently emerged through the Pandemic, is a popular choice amongst celebrities. People magazine explained that this brand was, “Founded by New York-based fashion designer Cynthia Sakai, the brand only recently emerged during the pandemic to provide an affordable medical-grade face mask that’s more stylish than your average blue surgical mask…” These masks are $8.97 and it looks like pretty much every mask on their site is sold out currently (probably happened October 1, 2020).

3. Busy Philips Wearing Royal Jelly Harlem Face Mask

Philipps, as we know is not shy of print. 4 days ago she posted this colorful photo on her Instagram calling her fall outfit a, “real vibe”, she isn’t wrong. Busy Philipps was sporting a face mask from the brand, Royal Jelly Harlem. This brand “calls attention to the diversity of the African continent and its culture, traditions and art. They believe in maximizing the boldness of the fabric’s images and prints by designing pieces that embrace this art.” I just found out about this brand and I don’t know about you, but I’m obsessed! This brand makes great contributions. They “help contribute to the growth and prosperity of Africa’s beautiful cultures by purchasing many of [their] materials from African vendors. Many of [their] manufacturers are African-born dressmakers and tailors who produce our products in the USA.” Anyone else going on their website today?

4. Shay Mitchell

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Sunglasses to dress up my mask. The new norm.

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Mitchell often wears simple masks while holding the most adorable accessory of all, her newly turned 1 year old, Atlas. While Mitchell is known for her quick wit, great fashion sense and her entertaining TikTok content, when it comes to masks she seems to keep it easy with the basics. Amazon actually has similar masks for $14.99.

5. Justin Bieber

It seems there’s a trend here amongst celebrities, easy does it. Hailey Bieber’s Wardrobe Stylist, Mauve Reilly posted this lovely couple with matching silk black face masks via Instagram 4 days ago. BAAF STUDIO has similar masks in a nice rose silk. They are adjustable and super easy to wear.

Keeping masks that are in neutral color stories for your fall wardrobe is a must. That way, when you’re running out the door and you grab black, white or tan, it will fit right in to what you’re wearing. On another note, don’t be afraid of some color. A nice golden mask would be easy to look at in the fall months and super versatile or maroon. Remember, what we talked about, plan your outfit around your mask so you aren’t running out the door without one and it will make wearing a mask feel more normalized, if you aren’t quite used to it yet. If I were to guess, they will be around for a lot longer so buckle up and style them up.