5 Things to Know About the Andrew Tate Arrest

When news broke late Thursday of the Andrew Tate arrest, people were skeptical. After all, Tate has been a master

Andrew Tate

When news broke late Thursday of the Andrew Tate arrest, people were skeptical. After all, Tate has been a master at dodging authorities for months.

But as it turns out, the arrest was real.

Both Tate and his brother have been detained by Romanian authorities on charges related to sex trafficking.

Now that the sun has risen on Tate’s full day in custody, here are 5 things to know about the Andrew Tate arrest.


Andrew Tate Arrest and Greta Thunberg – How it Started

The first question most people would ask: what on earth does a 19-year-old climate activist have to do with an avowed misogynist Andrew Tate.

As it turns out, a whole lot.

Earlier this week, Tate tweeted at Thunberg, “Hello

I have 33 cars.

My Bugatti has a w16 8.0L quad turbo.

My TWO Ferrari 812 competizione have 6.5L v12s.

This is just the start.

Please provide your email address so I can send a complete list of my car collection and their respective enormous emissions.”

Tate was clearly hoping to goad Thunberg into an irritated response.

But she coolly tweeted back, “yes, please do enlighten me. email me at smalld–kenergy@getalife.com.”

Andrew Tate Tries to Own Thunberg and Gets Owned Instead

None of that back-and-forth is reason for an arrest, however.

It was what Tate responded to Thunberg’s taunt that landed him in hot water.

Tate tweeted a video at Thunberg which showed him lounging in a silk robe with a cigar, as he explained his beef with the climate activist.

But at the end of the video, Tate featured some pizza. It wasn’t even noteworthy to most people.

Rumors spread online that authorities were able to locate him due to the pizza boxes which boasted a local Romanian pizza place. A DIICOT representative has said that the pizza boxes were not responsible for locating Tate and the timing was coincidence.

But regardless of fortuitous timing or not, they moved in for the arrest.

Romanian Authorities Raid Tate’s House

After verifying his location (thanks to the pizza boxes in Tate’s video reply to Thunberg or not), the moved quickly to detain both Tate and his brother Tristan Tate.

CNN reports, “Authorities in Romania said police served search warrants at five homes and detained four suspects, — – two Britons and two Romanians – as part of an investigation into organized human trafficking and rape. They did not name any of those detained.

Romania’s Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) said the four suspects had been detained for an initial 24 hours. It asked a Bucharest court on Friday for the detentions to be extended to 30 days, according to Reuters.

A lawyer for Andrew and his brother Tristan Tate confirmed to CNN that a court hearing was scheduled for Friday. He stressed that Andrew Tate was not under arrest. ‘He was not arrested. He was detained for 24 hours,’ said the lawyer, Eugen Vidineac.”

However, authorities are seeking an extension to his detention, hoping to hold him for 30 days while they investigate the crimes he’s accused of.

Tate and his Brother Detained on Suspicion of Being Part of an Organized Sex Trafficking Group

The crimes Tate is accused of come as no surprise to many. DIICOT says four suspects detained during the raid are suspected of being part of an organized criminal group that stretched from Romania to Britain and the United States, for the purpose of committing the crime of human trafficking.

Per CNN, “The authorities allege that two of the suspects misled the victims ‘into believing that they intended to enter into a marriage/cohabitation relationship’ while transporting victims to Romania and later sexually exploiting them with physical violence and coercion.

Authorities also said one of the suspects raped a victim on two separate occasions in March 2022. At least six victims were allegedly ‘sexually exploited by the organized criminal group,’ the DIICOT statement said.”

The reason it’s unsurprising that Tate is facing these charges is because he has bluntly in the past explained that he moved to Romania specifically because it’s easier to get away with crimes.

At one point, Tate explained that Western society is “corrupt” adding, “I find it offensive that a police officer in England will stop me and refuse to take a bribe. I’ll tell you why; it’s because he will sit there and go ‘no, no, this is the law; law and order’ and pretend that the law means something, and f–k me over.”

He continued, “But if you’re a billionaire or Boris Johnson, you can go to Epstein’s island; you can f-cking throw parties during COVID, you can do whatever the f–k you want. So the whole idea behind law and order is a lie and bull s–t.”

At least in Romania, Tate explained, his money can buy him out of trouble.

Maybe not this much trouble, though.

Greta Thunberg Wrapped Up the Feud with a Carbon-Neutral Burn

Of course, Thunberg had to get in one parting rejoinder after Tate was taken into custody.

The 19-year-old tweeted, “this is what happens when you don’t recycle your pizza boxes.”

As of now, Tate remains in custody – and pending the request to extend his detention, he could remain so for at least 30 days.

Rumors have spread that Tate and his brother were released, fueled by the fact that someone posted from Tate’s Twitter account early this morning.

However, authorities still say he’s in custody for now.

This is a developing story.