90 Day Fiance’s Jess Caroline Chats About Cats, Love and Vanity

Things haven’t always been easy for 90 Day Fiance‘s Jess Caroline. The Brazilian beauty thought she had found the love

Jess Caroline

Things haven’t always been easy for 90 Day Fiance‘s Jess Caroline. The Brazilian beauty thought she had found the love in her life in Colt Johnson, but their future ended before it really started. In a foreign country and bereft of her love, what was Caroline to do? Pick herself up, dust off, and forge a new path, that’s what. Caroline is now married to the love of her life, and recently hosted the opening of a wellness center – Vanity Beauty Boutique. CELEB sat down with Caroline to talk love, marriage, and the one thing on everyone’s mind – cats.

Jess and Love

Jess Caroline

Caroline was in a tough spot after she and Johnson broke up. Far from home and with no certainty about whether she would be able to stay in the US or not, the 90 Day star has been working hard to secure an Employment Authorization Document, which puts her one step closer to becoming a US citizen. And recently, Caroline received that document. When the reality star arrived at the Vanity boutique opening in Las Vegas on June 11th, she was able to celebrate the news with fans. “Getting my employment authorization document is something I have been dreaming of for long time,” said Caroline, with a huge smile. “I’m celebrating a huge victory in my life and I’m one step closer to getting my citizenship, watch out world” The document will allow her to apply for a driver’s license and secure employment for her path to citizenship.

But that’s not the only big news in Caroline’s life; since splitting with Johnson, she’s fallen in love with a new man – Brian Hanvey – and the two were married 9 months ago. Speaking with CELEB, Caroline shared what she though the key to success in marriage is: “Conversation. Communication. Brian and I, we trust each other. We talk about everything. He’s not the cheating kind; he’s happy in just himself, he doesn’t need a woman, I just compliment his life. But conversation is the key.”

9 months into marriage with her love of her life, what does Caroline do to keep the fresh feeling alive? “My husband is my life, he does have my heart. We got on dates once a week, and spend time away from it all with just the two of us. The key to keeping it fresh is keeping it fresh; we don’t fall into a routine. Every day is different.” But different doesn’t mean forgetting the things that got you where you are; Caroline and Hanvey also focus on the roots of their love.

“We celebrate the day we met, that kind of thing. He gets me flowers for every occasion. He woos me by bringing me lunch, and new shoes, and we keep it steamy in the bedroom. It’s important to just keep that fire alive.”

Speaking of how they met; “We were introduced through a friend. He said, ‘I want you to meet this guy. He’s vegetarian. He loves to travel. I think you’d be good together.’ So we met, and he lived in Michigan at the time and I was in New York, and we met up once a week, mostly talking through text. Then we became inseparable. 24 hours a day, we’re always together.”

Cats, Cats, Cats


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Now, the married couple lives together in Las Vegas. But Caroline isn’t just known for 90 Day, she’s gained some notoriety of her own because of her adorable hairless cat. The reality star went viral on TikTok for a video of her bathing her hairless cat. So the question on everyone’s mind; is Hanvey a cat person?

Maybe not initially. When Caroline and Hanvey met, he didn’t have cats. “When we first got together, he didn’t have any cats, but I got one and he loves them now.” And their cat family is growing; Caroline shared with us that they’re getting another one soon.

Vanity Beauty Boutique

Jess Caroline

When Caroline showed up to the Vanity opening to host, she was greeted by fans. Caroline wowed everyone in a stunning fuchsia cocktail dress, with a tie wrap accent and playful frilly shoulders. The reality star’s shoes were bedazzled white heels with a delicate ribbon bow, a perfect counterpoint to the wow factor of her dress. Husband Hanvey looked casual and cool in a light blue shirt that helped his blue eyes pop. On the red carpet, they looked loving and happy to be together.

To prep for the event, Caroline availed herself of Vanity’s services including a facial, spray tan and microcurrent body sculpting, earlier in the week. A fan at the event couldn’t help but ask how Caroline felt about the news that Johnson is now married; “I just hope he stop being a cheater. I really don’t care. I’m happily moved on, married to Brian. I wish Colt, Vanessa and Debbie the best.”

Caroline and Vanity are a natural pair; the reality star’s beauty is renowned. “I love makeup, I love beauty. I do face masks, and I always wear sunscreen. Vegas is really hot so I always keep it covered, every day.”

Speaking of Vegas, Caroline loves living there. “People are so nice here. Everyone is so welcoming. I feel home now. Vegas was the first city I came to in the US before I met Colt, so this is my home. Now here, with my husband – the love of my life – I’m happy here.”