Larissa Dos Santos Lima- Here’s Why I Called Colt From A Blocked Number

90 Day Fiance stars Larissa Dos Santos Lima and ex-husband Colt Johnson had quite the share of ups and downs

90 Day Fiance stars Larissa Dos Santos Lima and ex-husband Colt Johnson had quite the share of ups and downs before ultimately getting divorced. These included fights, arrests, breakups, trying to get back together, and then ultimately ending things. 

While Larissa has moved on with Eric Nichols (who she temporarily broke up with but ended up getting back together with), Johnson had initially moved on with Jess Caroline. While their relationship seemed good for a while, they also ended up breaking up.

While Dos Santos Lima rarely talks about Johnson, it seems like he still wants to talk about her- and he doesn’t always seem to have the nicest things to say. 

What Did Colt Say Now?

In a new interview with US Magazine, Johnson went in on Dos Santos Lima’s new looks. From the first season she appeared on the show, Dos Santos Lima was never shy about her desire to use plastic surgery as a means to feel more confident and look better. Clearly, Johnson is not a fan of this, though. 

“I don’t recognize her,” Johnson began with sharing with US Magazine. “I mean I looked at the wedding photos I have of her and was like, ‘This is not the same person.’”

Johnson continued sharing that “When I was married to her, she maybe augmented her breasts or fillers, but I never knew the extent that she would do it. And so quickly.”

“So, to me,” Johnson elaborated, “she literally looks like a different person.”

Johnson then addressed if the two are still staying in touch- and he revealed that they recently have been. Specifically, Johnson went on to detail that Dos Santos Lima recently called him from a fake number “a few weeks ago.”

On that situation, Johnson noted that “She doesn’t trust me very well. I know who you are, but we just started arguing because she didn’t trust me with her phone number for some reason. I’m like, ‘Just treat me like an adult.”

“Like, I’m your ex-husband,” Johnson added. “I’m fine being sociable with you,’ but we just had a fight and she hung up.”

What Does Larissa Have To Say? 

We reached out exclusively to Dos Santos Lima- who has never been one to hold back- to see what she had to say in response to what Johnson had said. 

“I’m living my best life,” Dos Santos Lima began with sharing with us. “No negativity, nobody calling [the] police on me to try and hurt me.”

So what about her new look?

Dos Santos Lima said that “Now I look as happy on the outside as I’m inside.”

We also asked her about Johnson’s allegations that she had called him from a fake number, which she fessed up to and explained. 

“Yes, I contacted Colt. Of course [it was from a] private number, since I don’t want to continue conversation with him.”

We were curious, though, why she would even want to speak with her ex.

“I only reached out cause when I [went to] do my taxes, I found out he claimed me and we were already divorced.”

“I’m going to let my accountant do the talking now!” Dos Santos Lima wrapped with telling us. 

Larissa Has More To Say

After speaking with us, Dos Santos Lima took to her Instagram to share the following statement (that has since been deleted): 

“Everyone knows that my ex and I have a divorce agreement in which we are not to mention one another by name on anything.

That imbicile ex of mine knows that I cannot stomach him. The bastard put me on his taxes for 2019 without my knowledge, so I had to call him when doing my taxes. The IRS required information from the Imbicile.

I was doing my taxes trough Turbotax, I fortunately could fix it by myself with a profissional

This is why I called him. He promised to get me the information required and contact my boyfriend, not me, with it.

Dear Imbicile, we do not have a good history in our pathetic marriage. Every time I think about is together, I want to puke. I never mention your name. I do not care about your home or love life. Just go to hell already and leave me the f**k alone!”

Dos Santos Lima attached a picture that said “Leave me alone!”

Where Does This Leave Things? 

Clearly, these two are never going to see eye-to-eye on things, but it definitely makes sense why Dos Santos Lima wanted to contact Johnson. As much as Dos Santos Lima seems to want to put the past behind her, it seems that issues with Johnson keep popping up, so something tells us this isn’t the last news item we’ll see involving the pair.

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