90 Day Fiance’s Karine Staehle Calls Police On Paul – Live On Instagram

While there always tends to be drama in the reality TV world, fans typically get to watch that drama play

While there always tends to be drama in the reality TV world, fans typically get to watch that drama play out months after it occurs. Last night 90 Day Fiance fans were given a treat- if you want to call it that- as some real life drama played out in real time on Instagram Live. 

Paul and Karine Staehle, who have been with the 90 Day Fiance franchise for quite some time now, got into an altercation that ended up getting the police involved- and having Paul document their conversation with the police on Instagram Live. 

So What Went Down Between Paul and Karine Staehle? 

On Thursday evening, Paul reportedly saw Karine having a conversation with a Brazillian attorney which reportedly involved “child support” and “divorce.” Understandably after seeing the conversation, Paul got upset and decided to question his wife about the conversation she was having on her phone. 

Paul and Karine Staehele

Then, according to reports, Karine got upset that Paul was confronting her on the conversation at all and that’s when things hit the fan. 

Instagram Live PD

Once the police were there and talking to them, Paul decided to broadcast the entire ordeal for the world to see. While speaking to the police on Instagram Live, Paul made sure to metic that: 

  • Karine had an “open” case with Child Protective Services
  • Karine had cheated on him
  • He wants to try to fix his marital problems by going to therapy with Karine

But who called the cops in the first place? Was it Paul or was it Karine? 

According to what Paul said on his Instagram Live, he dished to his followers that “Karine and her lawyer did call the cops.”

“I’m not making this stuff up,” Paul added to his fans, just in case anyone doubt what he was saying.

On the live, Paul also insisted to the police that he wasn’t sure why they were even called in the first place. 

“I don’t know what I’ve done,” Paul told the officers, noting that “I have no idea why you guys were called.”

Paul also seemed to want to make the cops feel comfortable that he was not a threat to them, noting that “I’m pro-police. I have nothing against you guys. I just want to know what’s going on.”

Continuing to dish on what happened to the police, Paul stated that “We were doing a call, I look over, I see her talking to a Brazilian lawyer about child support and divorce. I asked her what’s going on with this.”

Paul and Karine Staehele and their son

Paul went on to reveal more during his Instagram Live session, including: 

  • He has cameras all around his home that are 1080P and the police should look at them
  • He insists the cameras are there to protect him and he’s doing this live to protect himself 
  • His Mom showed up 
  • He has video of Karine pushing him, although he attests he has not been violent with Karine ever
  • Karine refuses to go to counseling with him, even though he has attempted to take her

Paul also recounted a CPS incident involving Karine and drinking to the cops. 

The episode continued to get even more bizarre, as at one point during the Instagram Live Paul screamed at Karine that she was not going to be “taking my son out of the country” threatening to give their son over to a judge before he’d let that happen. 

Two YouTube recordings of the ordeal have surfaced as can be seen here:

And here:

Prayers Needed For Karine!

Today, Paul took to Instagram to share more details about the incident, stating that “It’s been crazy here. I did not get arrested. The cops did come back. We had a storm and Karine got on her cell phone and called the police because the wifi got disconnected and she said I was halting her communications… which didn’t make any sense to me because she had her phone the whole time and the wifi just apparently went out. Sometimes the Internet goes out in our houses. It happens, right?. But you’re gonna call the cops? For that? The cops weren’t too happy about it. It’s been stressful, you guys.”

“We need prayers,” Paul continued. “That’s the big thing. Everybody just pray for us…  so hopefully we all pray for the best.”

Paul came back to say “I saw where they said she didn’t have access to Uber. That’s not true. She has uber installed on her phone. She has it attached to my bank card. Being attached to my bank card she’s used it to order not only here when she had to come back from somebody else’s house before, but also to order Uber Eats… she’s ordered Uber Eats and Ubers for people in Brazil…  I know because my bank actually contacted me because they thought there was fraud because someone was ordering Ubers and Uber Eats in Brazil and we were both here at the house. I have no problem with her ordering- anytime she wants to order anything for her family like that it’s fine. She wants to order something like that, it’s fine. The fact that she lied that she didn’t have access to Uber? That’s a lie. That is a big, big lie for sure.”

What Will End Up Happening To Karine & Paul? 

If Karine and Paul end up getting a divorce remains to be seen, but it’s safe to say there is tension in their household. 

We will be sure to keep you posted on more details as they continue to emerge.