90 Day Fiance’s Yolanda Leak Dating Bachelorette Star Josh Seiter

Yolanda Leak from 90 Day Fiance drove fans crazy with her insistence that fiance Williams was real and coming to

Yolanda Leak

Yolanda Leak from 90 Day Fiance drove fans crazy with her insistence that fiance Williams was real and coming to live with her. This turned out to not be the case, and Leak was left with no fiance and no love prospects. That is, until Bachelorette alum Josh Seiter entered the picture. 

What happened on 90 Day Fiance?

Leak took fans on a wild ride as she appeared on the show intending to share a story of her life with fiance Williams. However, Leak’s children were skeptical from the very beginning, and fans quickly concluded that she was being catfished. Leak and Williams met when the 51-year-old widow became Instagram famous for a massive weight loss success story. Williams slid into Leak’s DMs and the rest was love history. Or not. CheatSheet explains the story, “Leak’s own children were suspicious about the man their mom met online. The so-called Englander never FaceTimed her and spoke with a non-British accent. It was later revealed Williams was using stock photos for his faux Instagram account.

After receiving emails threatening to expose her private photos if she didn’t send money, Leak somewhat questioned Williams’ true identity. Even after the extortion attempt, she believed his phone was hacked.

Leak’s daughter eventually hired a private investigator to prove an imposter was using a fake identity.

In the end, they believed ‘Williams’ was actually a scammer based out of Nigeria and Leak was simply a catfishing victim. For a while, she held out hope but now it appears she’s moved on.”

Williams was shady from the beginning, but is there more to the story?

Williams always claimed that his camera was broken or unavailable, and fans of MTv’s Catfish knew exactly what was going on. Questions remain as to whether Leak knew or not. Some reports suggest that Leak knew she was being catfished, and went on 90 Day Fiance with the intention of making money off her ultimately doomed love story. Some reports also suggest that Leak maintained a second relationship while, “being catfished,” by Williams. 

Enter Josh Seiter

Exotic dancer and law student Josh Seiter was a contestant on the Bachelorette during season 11, vying for the heart of co-bachelorettes Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson. Sent home early, Seiter nonetheless captured the hearts of many fans. One of those fans appears to be Leak.

Instagram posts back up claims of the pair dating

On Instagram, Leak has been sharing images of her beau and talking about their relationship. In one, Leak captions an image of Seiter with, “Been gone two weeks and Bae is already coming back to Vegas to see me!! I love you so much rn @josh_seiter_official.”

The pair have confirmed their relationship with Seiter posting, “@yolanda_90dayfiance haha every time they doubt us it just going to make it that much sweeter the look they’ll have on their faces.”

Time will tell if this weird twist to Leak’s story is true

While fans suggest she may be in the process of being catfished again, Leak and Seiter seem content to enjoy their relationship. Leak responds to hater comments under her posts of Seiter with laugh emojis. One image of the pair video chatting suggests that this may be as real as the pair says it is. Only time will tell.