A Wedding First – The Little Las Vegas Chapel Marries a Man and a Can

Las Vegas, the Wedding Capital of the World, is used to seeing couples of all types tie the knot. Whether

A Wedding First - The Little Las Vegas Chapel Marries a Man and a Can

Las Vegas, the Wedding Capital of the World, is used to seeing couples of all types tie the knot. Whether it’s a traditional nuptial exchange (well, as traditional as you can be with Elvis walking you down the aisle) or a spooky swap of ‘I do’s’ on Halloween, there is a 100% chance that the city has seen it, put a veil on, and married it.

Yep, in a town where weddings happen as often as you check your social media feed, you’d think not much would be surprising. Well, update your status, put on your ‘do not disturb’ and pour yourself a drink because you are wrong.

This week Las Vegas was the site of a wedding between a man and a … can. You read that right, a man married a can in Vegas. Aside from the awesome rhyming of the story, the wedding didn’t just tie together your average can to a man. It was a can of Hard Dew Mountain Dew (Mountain Dew + alcohol), you know, because Vegas.

Besides, what man does not like a good set of cans?

We Now Pronounce You Man and Can

The Little Vegas Chapel was the site of the historic wedding first. The groom, Thomas Rank, remembers it was love at first Dew drop. The Avon, Indiana man submitted the winning proposal of marriage. Rank has ranked Mountain Dew #1 in his heart for some time now. When she developed into a bigger more adult version he simply could not keep his love contained and would report traveling hundreds of miles for a single taste of the lively libation.

It was that devotion that won him one of the wildest weddings west of the Mississippi. While the wedding was certainly not usual, the groom did take his intended to a familiar wedding spot – The Las Vegas Sign.

The "newlyweds-to-be" sealed their lifetime commitment during a wedding ceremony at The Little Vegas Chapel, a site of other historic firsts. The fan and his can will be enjoying two days and two nights in an epic Vegas suite. The new pair will be the toast of the town at one of the city's hottest clubs and will have one grand in cash to soak up the city.

The Beginning of Beverage Bliss

To learn more about this, you have to first know how it started. This summer PepsiCo. and Boston Beer Company officially launched a suite of spiked Mountain Dew Beverages called Hard MTN DEW. The beverages touted a 100-calorie drink with fruity flavors, no added sugar and 5% alcohol. But, surprisingly, not a drop of caffeine.

Along with the launch the company then decided to take on a new labor of love – the brand wedding. In what the company called the, “most unique wedding of the century,” they offered up a VIP experience in Las Vegas that would end up becoming “Hard Dew, I do” – the first ever brand wedding.

The company asked several bachelors and bachelorettes one question, “Do you love Hard Mtn Dew enough to marry it?” The company asked for the hardest of fans to write a love story, show your admiration and then propose to the drink!

The winner and one guest would be flown to Vegas to participate in a Las Vegas wedding celebration. Fast forward to this week and the first ever brand wedding is now in the history books.

Yes, A Man Can Marry A Can

For those considering Vegas for a wedding, you should know that while this is a city known for being a place where you can drink your troubles away, drink your way into trouble, or drink yourself into marriage, it is always acceptable to drink responsibility.

As for Thomas the fan and the future with his can, there is no word on a honeymoon yet. Odds are, this being Vegas they will just chill.

Though we have to admit that we think the marriage is sure to fizzle out in no time flat.