Aaron Carter Wants to Share the Truth About Abuse Allegations, Sobriety and his Upcoming Tour

There was a time when Aaron Carter was in a personal spiral, the public watching as he fell deeper into

Aaron Carter Wants to Share the Truth About Abuse Allegations

There was a time when Aaron Carter was in a personal spiral, the public watching as he fell deeper into substance abuse and personal struggles. But things these days are a little different for the 34-year-old.

On the right path, focused on healing and forward progress, Carter is opening up to the world about where he's at in life – and where he came from. By sharing his story and letting people know the truth – regardless of what the rumors might say – Carter is giving hope to people who feel lost and trapped in that familiar spiral.

Allegations – and Eventual Healing

It hasn't been an easy road for Carter. Like many who find fame at a young age, Carter has battled the shadow of substance abuse and mental health for most of his life – struggling to find purchase in a world that wanted to build him up before he barely knew the world.

Carter spoke with TheBlast recently and says that despite the difficult path he has walked, he has remained sober in recent years. Overcoming substance abuse issues is not always a linear progression – but Carter has his heart focused on where he wants to be in life. Carter said to TheBlast, "For the last 4 years, I’ve been on an incredible path in my recovery and being a recovering addict."

The singer added, "I want it to be known that it has not been easy for me and every day I continue to grow and learn, I’ve overcome a lot and there’s a huge pattern of that NOT being recognized and I’m tired of not receiving the affirmations I deserve for my accolades. People who go through the disease of addiction deserve that. Too many people don’t give enough credit to those who HAVE turned their life around and I’m taking that respect BACK for all of us who are in recovery."

Staying Sober

In addition to substance abuse issues, Carter has been battling with abuse allegations in the court of public opinion – and in the legal court.

According to Melanie Martin, who was his ex-fiance at the time she filed in court, Carter abused her, even breaking her ribs. Carter vehemently denied the allegations. Martin later recanted and admitted that he did not – clearing the singer of the allegations. Martin was dealing with post-partum depression, a devastating mental health condition that can cause irrational and impulsive behavior.

Although they struggled for awhile, the pair has mended bridges. Carter has revealed that he and Martin are back together now – and better than ever.

It was not easy to forgive Martin for the accusations she made, and to work through the pain they caused. But Carter was forgiving and understanding of Martin's mental health struggles, and they were able to heal together.

Their son Prince was born last November, and while it was difficult to co-parent while things were tense between them, now that they're back together they're creating a beautiful life as a family of three.

Upcoming Tour – Rising from the Ashes

Much of the progress he's made over the past few years, Carter attributes to simply growing up. Through hard work, therapy, and dedication to a healthier path – the younger brother of Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter is ready to enjoy the fruits of his sobriety. However, he's mindful of those who spread rumors that aren't true and who impede his progress.

TheBlast writes, "'I will continue to strive to persevere and overcome every obstacle thrown at me including my relationships with my family … I just ask and implore everyone to take two steps back and let this man live his life. If I make a mistake that’s on me. That’s not for the public to prosecute me and I’m sure a lot of people have seen the people who love daily to attack me. Well, my response to that is to bring it! I’m in an amazing headspace – worked with my therapist for 3 years now and I’ve grown a lot.'

Carter also attributes religion to his newfound focus: 'Because of my faith in God and being around positive people has renewed my outlook on life. I’m not perfect I am a work in progress.'”

Part of growing up and getting clean means that Carter can now get back to one of his first loves – music. Carter explained to TheBlast, "[My] new music is a testament to that as well not many people can rise from the ashes time and time again. And I am that phoenix and now it’s time for me to fly high."

The 34-year-old's tour kicks off in May, and is now rehearsing for his big return.

It's a beautiful full circle moment for the former child star. After having battled his inner demons for years, Carter deserves to enjoy the life of sobriety and health that he's crafted for himself. With his little family behind him and the future ahead – Carter wants everyone to see that it's possible to turn life around and get back on track.