Addison Rae Addresses Backlash For Not Crediting Black Creators During ‘Tonight Show’ Appearance

TikTok star Addison Rae has spoken out and addressed the backlash she received after she didn’t credit black creators during

Addison Rae

TikTok star Addison Rae has spoken out and addressed the backlash she received after she didn’t credit black creators during her recent appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. For those who missed it, the influencer showed off some of the most popular TikTok dances while she was a guest on the show. But some fans were not happy about the fact that the people who came up with the moves weren’t getting the proper recognition for them — especially since most of them were people of color.

What Are People Saying About Addison Rae’s Appearance?

Addison Rae

When The Tonight Show uploaded a video of the performance to their YouTube channel, they did credit the original dance creators in the description. But they didn’t mention any of them during the live segment, and people were not pleased. The View host Sunny Hostin even got involved when she retweeted the video of Rae dancing.

“This is a miss @jimmyfallon. Let’s give credit to the black creators…” she wrote alongside the clip.

Another Twitter user added, “White privilege is not creating a single movement in these dances, but getting the opportunity to go on national TV to teach Jimmy Fallon instead of the actual creators.”

“Black streamers and content creators have to work 10 times harder than white creators do,” a third person said. “It’s so annoying to see white people do the bare minimum and get all this recognition, but black creators have to do this and that or this and that x, y, z to be on that level. Frustrating.”

What Did Addison Rae Say About It?

TMZ caught up with the social media star on Tuesday, March 29, and she addressed the backlash once and for all.

“I think they were all credited in the original YouTube posting, but it’s kinda hard to credit during the show,” she explained. “But they all know that I love them so much and I mean, I support all of them so much. And hopefully one day we can all meet up and dance together.”

Rae added, “I definitely don’t do them justice. They’re all so amazing. It was never my intention and they definitely deserve all the credit, because they came up with these amazing trends.”

Is Addison Rae Under Fire For Anything Else?

Addison Rae

People are also slamming the 20-year-old for not wearing a proper mask while leaving NBC studios after the performance. In a video captured by a paparazzi, Rae could be seen holding a plastic shield up to her face while greeting fans, which many people pointed out was not safe amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Not Addison Rae using a hairspray shield from the salon as a face mask,” someone tweeted.

“Addison Rae using that glass covering as a ‘mask’ is incredibly upsetting. Did I expect more from [YouTube] women who get famous for doing absolutely nothing?” another tweet read. “Not really. But imagine having so much money and not being able to spend a mere $10 on a pack of masks. That’s just unacceptable.”

According to the CDC’s website, they recommend that everyone wear masks with “two or more layers of washable, breathable fabric.” They also say that face shields are “not recommended” since “effectiveness is unknown at this time.”

Has Addison Rae Previously Received Backlash For Anything Else?

Unfortunately, Rae is no stranger to controversy. Back in July 2020, she was forced to issue a public apology after a controversial video that she reposted online a few years before resurfaced. In the clip, a woman hated on the Black Lives Matter movement and even called it a cult.

“I owe all of you an apology. Four years ago, I reposted a video that included a woman sharing her thoughts on Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter that I should not have. Because of my privilege, I didn’t understand and wasn’t educated enough on the social injustices facing the Black community. All lives CANNOT matter until Black lives do. The Black community was and continues to be oppressed and damaged by systemic racism,” Rae wrote in her apology. “I will never stop growing, learning, and fighting for those whose voices rightfully need to be amplified, and will forever believe that Black Lives Matter. If you haven’t done so already, please join me in supporting and learning more about the global Black Lives Matter movement. I am truly sorry and I am committed to using the platform you all have given me to work on becoming a better ally. I love you all endlessly.”

She was also slammed online when one of the dancer’s former friends — a girl named Gracie — claimed that she “dropped” her after becoming famous. But Rae insisted that wasn’t the case.

“Saying I changed and dropped old friends knowing nothing, I flew my best friend from high school to Los Angeles this year,” she wrote in a comment on TikTok. “Gracie and I had a great friendship. Through another relationship. And after the breakup we still talk. Also, I moved from where she lived to go to college four hours away. You tell me if you hangout with everyone from high school.”

The star continued, “We had a close friendship though my relationship where she was family, after the breakup we still were friends. I flew my best friend to LA this year and was a bridesmaid in my high school best friend’s wedding. Once you graduate high school and move away to college, life changes. When I moved to college no one from high school reached out to me… When I moved to LA though, everyone started to… Weird.”