Addison Rae and Ryan Reynolds Together in One Movie? That’s Legendary

Addison Rae will be joining the cast of “Animal Friends,” which already includes a superstar cast of Ryan Reynolds, Jason

Addison Rae Ryan Reynolds

Addison Rae will be joining the cast of “Animal Friends,” which already includes a superstar cast of Ryan Reynolds, Jason Momoa, Vince Vaughn and Aubrey Plaza.

The live-action hybrid film comes from Legendary, with Emmy-winning director Peter Atencio at the helm to direct the R-rated road trip adventure.

There’s a lot we don’t know about the film, but it’s expected that Rae will be playing one of the main characters.

Rae made the announcement of her plan to join the film on social media, writing, “Yes, you read that right.”


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Writing duo Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider are crafting the script. Producing the film alongside Legendary are Reynolds’ Maximum Effort and producer Namit Malhotra’s Prime Focus Studios. Visual effects and animation are expected to be provided by visual entertainment services company, DNEG.

Deadline reports, “Rae has been very busy as of late most recently landing one of the lead roles of Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving. The part was one of the more sought after roles for any up-and-coming actress in town with Rae blowing away Roth during her first audition. The film is set to bow this Thanksgiving with TriStar Pictures also producing and insiders say the film is seen as a potential franchise for the studio for years to come.

Rae recently signed a massive multi-million dollar deal with Netflix that rivals any major A-lister’s overall pact at the streamer. Given her global influencer due to her massive TikTok following, which has more then 80 million followers, more and more companies see her as having an immediate impact on the projects they are developing at their companies.”

Rae’s career went from influencer superstar to Hollywood superstar after her breakout roll in Netflix hit “He’s All That.”

Since then, studios and directors have been eager to work with the up-and-coming young star after she showed her acting chops and proved that she was serious about segueing into serious acting.

It’s a track more and more influencers are talking about taking in recent years. After all, influencer schticks may have a limited lifespan – we don’t really know yet. The influencer phenomenon isn’t a new one, but the way that influencer stars are created, and the way their follower counts grow, is new and untested.

Some of the biggest influencers – like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and others – either already had a career or have been able to find a new path to follow, so they won’t go anywhere any time soon.

But other influencers who are popular now but who may have a limited fame lifespan are now trying to figure out where to turn.

That’s where things like makeup lines, merch, investments, modeling, WWE and – yes, Hollywood – come in.

Rae’s acting skills are impressive, and she’s certain to gain even more experience alongside superstars like Reynolds, Momoa, Vaughn and Plaza.

For now, we don’t know much about the “Animal Friends” film and even less about when to expect it – but Rae fans can keep a weather eye on the horizon and know that their favorite will be gracing the big screen with some big names sometime soon.