Adele Mania Sweeps Las Vegas After Opening Weekend of Residency

Adele kicked off opening weekend for her residency in Las Vegas, and it was an extraordinary weekend. CELEB Magazine was


Adele kicked off opening weekend for her residency in Las Vegas, and it was an extraordinary weekend.

CELEB Magazine was inside The Colosseum at Caesars Palace for the most hotly anticipated event in Las Vegas entertainment history, the opening of “Weekends with Adele.”

The show opened Friday, November 18 after a 10-month delay and the singer gave fans what they came for an intimate and up-close experience that had her in the crowd, walking among the people and chatting it up—kissing her boyfriend, hugging a drag queen and asking a man to be quiet because he was scaring her.

Adele also wielded a T-shirt gun to hurl into the audience merch, a handwritten note and a $50 bill for cocktails to fans—a performer who gives back despite the ticket prices, which swelled into four and five figures. Celebrities like Apple’s Tim Cook, We Work’s Adam Neumann and James Corden were in attendance.

And like only Adele can, she dropped a number of memorable one-liners that CELEB has memorialized for you to enjoy at a glance.


Adele Quotes to Remember from Opening Weekend

Here are a few of her most important statements from the stage and in the crowd.

  • To a group who arrived past the 8:15 p.m. sharp start time, “Where have you been … have you been at a pool party? If you aren’t here before I was singing they shut you out—it is very New York. I picture you all at a pool party drinking all those yard long drinks—it’s f–king freezing.”
  • “I’m so scared and I am so nervous but I am so happy and I don’t know what I was thinking putting piano ballads at the top of the set,” Adele said after opening the show with both “Hello” and “Easy On Me.”
  • “I only play at Caesars, because this room was built for her, Celine,” telling the adoring audience how she burst into tears when she saw the room. “I’m so happy you still came to the show. I’m having the best time, are you ready to cry?”
  • “I am a drama queen, don’t get me wrong, but I was devastated,” of her tearful cancellation announcement posted to Instagram last January.
  • “It was obviously years ago when I was 21, I’ve grown up way more, and now I just leave a situation, rather than be like ‘Why don’t you love me?'”
  • “But I imagine for most of you because you were all singing along to it, there was a moment when you also felt like that, it’s probably why you like the song, and know the words and stuff, it’s so funny, we always forget that we are OK in the end, we will be OK in the end.”
  • “That’s what is so amazing about being a fan of music. I still am the biggest fan of music more than I make music, which obviously isn’t that regular. But it is so powerful and it really is the biggest gift and blessing of my whole life, that I get to stand here and be in front of you, and you be so available to me.”
  • “I wanted it to be all about me and that is why I came on and did ‘hello’ just me and him,” about the subtle first number with just Adele and her piano player Eric onstage. 
  • “I might be a little wobbly tonight because my nerves are out of control but hopefully over time they will start disappearing.”
  • “I’m sh–ting me-self,” Adele said multiple times throughout Friday night’s debut.
  • “Looks like I am drinking wine, but I am drinking hot honey. I don’t drink while I’m working but I am definitely going to need a shot after this,” leading into “I Drink Wine.”
  • “My favorite memory from when I was young was my mum driving me to Wales to see my Nana and grampy and we must have done that journey 100 times when I was a kid and every time she got lost and every time we went it was like a nine-hour journey. We leave early in the morning and end up getting there as if we just drove to Scotland or something like that but it’s fun and I always knew we’d be late — and on that note, this is ‘When We Were Young.’”
  • “I’m truly sorry for any inconvenience and any disappointment that I’ve caused, but we’re here tonight and together. It’s the worst feeling I’ve ever had but the best decision I’ve ever made.
  • “I’d really like to thank Caesars because there’s been a lot of sh-t written about me since I canceled those shows. Ninety percent of it is completely made up, but not once did [Caesars] ask any questions.” 
  • “That’s why I f–k off for six years at a time,” she joked about the amount of time it takes her to put out an album.
  • “My favorite song that I wrote on ‘21’ was the first song and I was actually still in the relationship that ‘21’ is about so obviously after I wrote it I was highly concerned. I didn’t realize we were in trouble,” she joked. 
  • “It was sort of the first time I was like ‘oh sh-t, I might actually be onto something here.’ And people used to always say my voice was better than my songs on my first album and I agree with it very, very much. The first time I toured America I was introduced to so much music I’d never heard of, so many artists I’ve never heard of, all by my tour bus driver. It was a direct influence from all of that music that he shared with me.”
  • “I’m from Tottenham, North London in the UK. I read this book yesterday by my friend Nick. And at the end he wanted to be a radio DJ, like a radio presenter. And when he was literally talking to his friend, he said ‘I don’t think that’s gonna happen, it’s like being an astronaut or like being a footballer’ and a friend said ‘well, people are astronauts and people are footballers.’ It’s really great to be from Tottenham and be in Las Vegas,” she recounts bursting into tears. 
  • “I have no idea what I’m embarking on for five months, but I can’t f—ing wait.” 
  • “I had no idea when I wrote ‘21’ that my life would end up becoming what it is and there are so many amazing things to it as well. And some that aren’t amazing. The whole reason I wanted to play in a small room was so I could be so close to you and walk through the crowd. You don’t get that when you play in big rooms.”
  • “Is this a daydream or is this real?” and “It looks just like what I imagined it would look like.”

Weekends With Adele continues through March 23, with newly added performances taking place on Friday, December 30 and Saturday, December 31, 2022.