Adrian Peterson Labels Demar Hamlin’s Jacket ‘Disrespectful’ At Super Bowl

Future Hall of Famer, Adrian Peterson, had some thoughts against Demar Hamlin‘s choice of jacket for the Super Bowl, which

Adrian Peterson Demar Hamlin

Future Hall of Famer, Adrian Peterson, had some thoughts against Demar Hamlin‘s choice of jacket for the Super Bowl, which he publicly shared. However, it wasn’t long before he got online and apologized for his comments to which Hamlin later responded.

Adrian Peterson Expresses Fury

Peterson was not happy about Hamlin’s choice of attire, [to say the least.]

Hamlin, 24, was seated next to Donna Kelce and NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, sporting a $3,150 Takashi Murakami “Travis Jesus” jacket with the crucifix. Peterson wasted no time sharing his opinion on the jacket saying, “You should be thanking God son! This is Blasphemy!! We all fall short but cmon man! I find this disrespectful!! #grateful #goddid.”

Although, people were as quick to hop on the bandwagon with Peterson.

Fred Taylor, former superstar running back, wrote to Peterson, “”You should DM him bro…I’m sure he’s listen to your opinion. Posting it doesn’t help anyone. He’s young, young ppl don’t always think before they wear things just like people who wear skulls and other things that doesn’t align with Christian beliefs. Try to reach him.”

But, Peterson, a devout Christian, didn’t cave into Taylor right away. He commented back, “But this was different! I know young people don’t think at times, older as well! But with everything surrounding his situation!! This isn’t one of those moments where it’s a young guy not thinking!”

An Apology Just As Public

Peterson didn’t take back his opinion however he did apologize for how he handled expressing his opinion.

The former NFL player wrote to Instagram, “So I spoke with @d.ham3 Damar, and we were able to discuss our thoughts as men. I want to be clear, I’m the last person to judge anyone, and that was never my intention. However, I do feel as if the jacket was disrespectful and it was something that I needed to share.”

Peterson continued, “I do realize everyone makes mistakes and falls short at times, so again, my intention was never to judge, just to share my opinion. Damar, I have respect and love for you and I wish you nothing but the best, but I just can’t rock with that jacket. I feel like there are a lot people, young and old, looking up to you and with power and influence comes great responsibility. I apologize for offending you, I just felt offended in that moment as a man who loves and respects our Lord and Savior, Yeshua.”

Demar Hamlin Gets The Final Words

A representative from Hamlin’s inner circle shared a statement with TMZ Sports about the controversial situation.

“Adrian Peterson has apologized several times to Damar and chose to keep his post up. He knows the public controversy he caused but only chose to take his words back privately. Adrian has had controversial situations around his name and understands what it’s like to be an athlete with a huge platform, so the hypocrisy in this situation is disappointing.”

The statement went on to explain that Hamlin himself is a man of faith and his jacket does not minimize his beliefs. However, he will also do the work that comes with understanding everyone’s views and beliefs. “He will continue to use his platform to spread positivity and give back,” the rep concluded.

Hamlin also shared a message on Twitter explaining his understanding of why his jacket might have been viewed as offensive to some and how he viewed the jacket himself.