African Wellness Safaris Connect Travelers with Beauty of Raw Nature

Africa: a land of natural wonders and raw beauty. It’s a huge continent with varied biomes crossing the land, each

African Wellness Safaris Connect Travelers with Beauty of Raw Nature

Africa: a land of natural wonders and raw beauty. It’s a huge continent with varied biomes crossing the land, each as vibrant and unique as the one before it. Because the continent has a turbulent history – and present – it might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of a wellness retreat, but The Safari Retreat is looking to change that. With a bounty of natural beauty and local cultures that connect deeply with the land around them, it’s the perfect place to go if you want to touch the earth a little off the beaten path.

Retreat Options for the Adventurous

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If you’re looking for a wellness retreat, but don’t want to do the typical spa-in-the-city or countryside-escape, Africa may be the destination you haven’t thought of yet. The Safari Retreat is the premiere wellness company in Africa, and they’ve crafted five upcoming retreats in coordination with mid- and luxury-range lodges around Africa to provide options and variety for all of their guests.

Here are the retreats to choose from:

  • The Manifestation Retreat: Scheduled from July 31- August 6, this retreat kicks off at El Karama Lodge in Kenya. Hosts Christina Caldwell and Nicole Valente will take guests on a journey through a safari adventure, as well as a yoga and grounding experience at the lodge. El Karama is situated on 14,000 acres of a private conservancy. The Safari at El Karama is no-frills, down-to-earth, and serene. Yoga and guided meditation will bring you into alignment with nature. Guests are encouraged to stretch their legs and explore their freedoms, including camping under the stars, fishing, visiting the working farm and picking vegetables from the organic garden. Meals include home-grown fresh foods, and guests can expect to peep Grevy Zebra, Elephant, Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Hippo and Aardwolf and more native species under the watchful gaze of Mount Kenya. For more information, visit the website
  • Yoga at Sosian Lodge: From October 29- November 5, guests can enjoy the Yoga retreat at Sosian Lodge. A luxury safari lodge in Kenya, Sosian is an elegant escape nestled amid 25,000 acres of wildlife habitat. Ride horses or camels or take a 4×4 out to explore. Search for leopards by flashlight, swim the rivers and jump from the waterfalls; at Sosian, much of what Africa has to offer is on display. In addition to a safari experience like no other, guests will be grounded through guided yoga and meditation. For more information, visit the website
  • Be Moved Yoga: This retreat is happening at several locations October 31-November 8. For more information on locations and events, visit the website
  • Pilates Retreat: November 2-9, Victoria Hodgson is leading guests on a home-away-from-home safari meets Pilates experience. On the edge of one of Kenya’s most private wildlife and environmental havens, guests can expect a very chill and relaxing experience. For more information, visit the website. 
  • Ashtanga Yoga: December 3-10, Philippa Asher will guide guests through a luxury, world-class Ashtanga yoga experience. Lewa Wilderness is one of Kenya’s most vibrant and breathtaking wildlife and conservation escapes, with luxury amenities to make you feel at home – but if your home was situated in the heart of a beautiful natural frontier. Guests can expect a safari, vegan and vegetarian fare, swimming and a connection to nature that will have you eager to come back. For more information, visit the website

Currently, a Lurga Yoga retreat is being hosted in Kenya, the perfect kick-off to a year of wellness and adventure. 

The Safari Retreat


Founded by Becky Robertson, the Robertson family has been offering safaris for 35 years. Taking advantage of the near-mystical quality of the land and the wonder and beauty abounding, The Safari Retreat brings people face to face with nature’s potential.

And Global Wellness Summit recently named adventure wellness travel a “Top 10 Trend in 2022,” meaning that the Robertson family is ahead of the curve. 

Robertson has shared her thoughts in a statement on why she wants to bring these experiences to guests; “I grew up in the safari business and saw first-hand how Africa awed, inspired and changed our guests. I thought there was no better setting to offer transformative wellness retreats. Our programs allow people to disconnect through nature and the wild to reconnect with themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”

For more information on The Safari Retreat and how you can explore the beauty of Africa, visit the website

Africa as a Wellness Destination


When people think of a wellness retreat, a spa usually comes to mind. Perhaps a well-decorated garden or a resort with fluffy bath robes and coconut water at every turn.

But in 2022 as we’ve started to return to the world after two years of isolation, people are looking to connect with wellness in a way that’s more visceral and physical. No longer content to lie in a Yoga studio and wait for wellness to find them, travelers are now going out to seek connection to nature and the world around them.

Africa is one of those continents that’s filled with extremes; climates that are dry, climates that are wet; plains, mountains, rivers, oceans, and everything in between. Geopolitical unrest and ancient, peaceful cultures all brush elbows on one of the world’s largest individual landmasses, making it a vibrant and ever-changing place to explore your wellness potential.

As world travel resumes and uncertainty in Europe makes traditional travel a little more difficult, people are turning to new lands to scratch that adventure itch. If adventure is what you seek and wellness is what you crave, Africa may be the intersection of all of your worlds.