Essentials by Aman Line Encourages ‘Uncomplicated Living’

The Aman brand has hotels in some of the most luxurious and inspiring locations in the world. From the mountains

Essentials by Aman

The Aman brand has hotels in some of the most luxurious and inspiring locations in the world. From the mountains of Bhutan to the sandy buttes of Utah and everything in between, Aman around the world means luxury, exploration, and an appreciation for the world. Now, lovers of the Aman brand can bring a piece of it home with the new Essentials by Aman line, each piece carefully crafted to inspire uncomplicated living, with clean lines and luxurious textures. 

Essentials by Aman

Essentials by Aman

The Essentials by Aman line is just as elegant and indulgent as one could hope. Each piece is tailored carefully to combine the softest touch with the most function. The collection includes a variety of patterns and colors, from diamonds and solids to animal prints, the pieces were all created with an Aman locations in mind. 

The website explains, “Aman’s destinations are at the heart of the collection’s design inspiration. Prints complement the beauty of their surroundings, with the palm-studded shores of Amanpuri acting as a natural muse. Colours are stirred by Mother Nature, with the warm terracotta of Amanjena’s architecture, the soft green of Amanzoe’s olive groves, and the calming yellow of Amangiri’s desert creating a rare yet refined palette.

The collection’s ‘A’ motif is derived from the Aman logo, evoking the hand-carved letterforms of the Futhark alphabet and referencing the Sanskrit meaning of the Aman name: peace, shelter and sanctuary. Blind-stitched on select garments, the motif creates a subtle sense of branding, and makes a bolder statement printed on activewear.”

Pieces designed for the line include breezy bathing suit covers, blankets, casual day suits, bathing suits, dresses, and activewear. To buy, visit an Aman hotel and resort boutique. The Amangiri, Amangani, Amanjena and Amanzoe resorts are the first to carry the line. On the website, you can sign up to receive more information or reserve a boutique appointment. 

The hotel team shares, “Speaking on the development process, Kristina Romanova, Director of Product Development at Aman said, ‘Creating The Essentials has been an inspiring journey that has allowed us to collaborate with some of the most experienced design professionals in the industry and work with some exceptional artisans to select the very best materials. We hope our guests will see the expression of the Aman brand in each and every piece and we couldn’t be more excited to take the Aman retail experience to the next level.’”

Visiting an Aman Hotel

Essentials by Aman

Staying at an Aman hotel is a singular experience, quite unlike your normal hotel vacation. That’s because each location is handpicked to inspire the soul in a way that other hotels simply aren’t; it’s places like these where the next great novels are written, or the next leap in human exploration is concocted. Aman has hotels on nearly every continent, but CELEB pulled together this list of the most fascinating locations to visit if you’re hoping to travel the world:

  • United States: The US boasts two Aman resorts, one in Utah and one in Wyoming. The Utah resort – Amangiri, covers 600 acres of red rock desert; from canyons to mesas, gorges, rivers, and everything between. And Amangani gazes out across the Snake River Valley, offering the panoramic vistas Wyoming is known for. 
  • Turks & Caicos: Providenciales rests on the remote shores of an 18,000-acre nature preserve. Amanyara focuses on wellness and communing with nature, which is easy to do among the white sand beaches and turquoise lagoons. 
  • Japan: Aman Tokyo is something quite different, resting in the heart of a metropolitan hub as it does. Stretching to the sky in the Otemachi Tower, the Tokyo resort brings serenity and zen to a buzzing downtown atmosphere. With washi paper doors and engawa platforms, Aman Tokyo borrows enough from local decor that you’ll feel immersed in the culture, but also removed from the hustle and bustle around you. 
  • Italy: Aman Venice is set in one of the city’s monumental palazzos, on the Grand Canal itself. The Venice location is adorned in Rococo artwork and private gardens – a luxury in this city atop the water. 
  • Morroco: Marrakesh’s Amanjena is a jewel in a city of history. Sitting majestically just outside of historic Red City, Amenjena borrows from the rosy hues of the surrounding buildings to create a palatial locale, with a number of private guest pavilions and pools interspersed through the property. 
  • Thailand: In Phuket lies Amanpuri, Aman’s very first resort. The luxurious tropical getaway sits atop its own private peninsula, giving guests to the property as much space and fresh air as they desire. 
  • Indonesia: Jawa Tengah’s Amanjiwo looks like something out of a fantasy novel. Nestled among the lush foliage of Central Java’s cultural heartland, Amanjiwo over looks the Unesco World Heritage Site of Borobudur.
  • China: Shanghai’s Amanyangyun is both an architectural challenge to the world, and an ecological conservation wonder. On the outskirts of the city, Amanyangyun is the perfect blend of modern clean lines and the serenity of China’s diverse ecological heritage. 
  • Bhutan: In the Kingdom of Bhutan, one of Amankora’s lodges rests against the side of a mountain. It would be more appropriate to say it perches; delicate, ethereal, and mindful. The lodges are sanctuaries in one of the happiest places on the planet, and the Buddhist country is the perfect place to visit if you need to re-center yourself. 

Aman’s Other Take-Home Brands

Essentials by Aman

Aman’s Essentials line isn’t their only take-home items; the brand also offers a variety of wellness items guests can purchase at hotel boutiques or online. The Aman Shop explains, “Harnessing the power of the earth’s apothecary, these all-natural skin saviours and holistic health supplements bring the Aman Spa experience home; a treat for yourself or your loved ones.”

The shop offers everything you need to unwind and de-stress, from skincare and beauty items to perfume and grounding candles. Each item is lovingly encased in the signature vaselike bottles that reassure you you’re getting Aman quality. 

And the Aman Shop wants to help you care for your insides as much as your skin and soul; you can buy supplements as well. The supplements help everything from balance and vitality to immune and respiratory support.

Aman is moving beyond vacations and destinations; they’re transcending the travel experience. When you visit an Aman resort, you’re whisked away to somewhere magical and unique; immersed in the culture of your destination but just enough removed to be able to clear your mind and touch the Earth freely. Now with the Essentials line joining the Aman brand, you can bring a little bit of that feeling home with you.