Aman Tokyo Opens La Patisserie With Masterful Modern Classics

Aman Tokyo is a luxury destination with a delicious array of dining options. They’ve just leveled up again, adding a

Aman Tokyo

Aman Tokyo is a luxury destination with a delicious array of dining options. They’ve just leveled up again, adding a new cuisine offering for guests, this time in the form of La Pâtisserie. La Pâtisserie is the hotel’s new standalone French pastry hub, offering guests a delightful array of options to choose from to please their palette. With the grand opening on October 1st, La Pâtisserie is one of Tokyo’s newest must-visit places, at the heart of Otemachi Tower. 

La Patisserie

Aman Tokyo

La Pâtisserie promises to be the newest Aman Tokyo success. At the helm of La Pâtisserie is Executive Pastry Chef Yohihisa Miyagawa, who has been with Aman Tokyo for over 6 years. CPP Luxury writes, “During his time with Aman, Chef Miyagawa has directed pastry operations in all three of Aman Tokyo’s restaurants, while firmly establishing the reputation of the hotel’s afternoon tea as one of the city’s most iconic and achieving international acclaim. A culmination of this experience, Chef Miyagawa started from the ground up in creating La Pâtisserie, sourcing the finest natural ingredients and travelling across the country in relentless pursuit of the best food producers.”

On the B2 level of Ootemori Center in the Otemachi Tower, La Pâtisserie is a convenient stop for locals and guests of Aman Tokyo alike. Situated two floors below ground level, Aman has harnessed an otherworldly vibe. The pastry shop is 35 floors beneath its hotel sister, but they’re tied together via an igneous basalt counter that matches the massive stone found in The Lounge in Aman, so far above. Now that the pastry shop has opened, guests can enjoy the rich, minimalistic atmosphere and watch the chefs prepare their orders in the glass-enclosed kitchen. 

The Menu

Aman Tokyo

Speaking of the menu, it’s a true celebration of the French pastry tradition. All items are made fresh daily and include breads, pastries and delicate layered indulgences like Mille Feuille Framboise, Baba a l’Armagnac and Tarte Chocolat. Visitors can order whole cakes if they’re looking to celebrate something in a special way, or enjoy the deli menu options like sandwiches and coffee.

Per Timeout, “Miyagawa spent several years training in France before he joined Aman, so the offerings here are exactly the sort of indulgences people fly halfway around the world to eat in Paris – think mille-feuille framboises, baba a l’Armagnac, Paris-Brest… The only notable variation in Miyagawa’s version of these classic French pastries is the way he tones down the sweetness of the cakes to allow the ingredients to shine.

You can allow yourself to have more than one cake here without feeling like you’ve overindulged, too. The seasonal charlotte aux poires is so fluffy it’s as though you’re biting into a pear-flavoured cloud while the gateau au chocolat, available year round, is topped only with fresh cream to highlight the bitter notes of the Ecuadorian cacao.”

Whether you’re a seasoned French pastry lover or trying something new, the food at La Pâtisserie will bring you back time and again. If you’re lucky enough to be local, be sure to save some for your out-of-town friends if you’re looking to impress.

Aman Tokyo and More

Aman Tokyo

Of course, La Pâtisserie and its event-like kitchen isn’t the only wondrous creation from Aman Tokyo. The hotel, over thirty floors above La Pâtisserie, boasts a creative marriage between traditional Japanese residences and modern design. With three room styles and three suite styles to choose from, guests can pick what suits their needs best. The rooms are appointed in lux golden-hued woods, crisp whites and comfortable beds with unbeatable views over the city. 

Aman also boasts two restaurants, a lounge, and a cafe. Arva is a restaurant in the Italian tradition, with Venice-trained chef Masakazu Hiraki turning out bold dishes with sensational flavors. And Musashi embraces Japanese tradition, with dishes offering omakase sushi in the Edomae tradition. 

And to top it all off, the hotel offers an all-inclusive spa with a variety of treatment options to pamper guests.

Whether you’re staying in Aman, local, or staying somewhere else nearby, you’ll want to swing by La Pâtisserie to get a taste of the finest French pastries in the heart of the Tokyo business district.