Ring In 2023 With These 23 Amazing Amazon Self-Care Must-Haves

Each year, health should be at the forefront of priorities, resolutions and the like. Here are 23 self-care items from

Amazon self-care

Each year, health should be at the forefront of priorities, resolutions and the like. Here are 23 self-care items from Amazon that will encourage self-care and wellness in all forms.


Amazon Self-Care Essentials for 2023

Whether your version of self-care is relaxing with a movie or hitting the gym, these products will cover all kinds of rejuvenation needs.

Mini Theragun

A portable massage gun is the optimal solution for after-workout aches, a calming night on or even a de-stressor at work.

Oversized Blanket Hoodie

Cold weather is here to stay for a few more months — so why not bundle up in the best cozy accessory imaginable? 

Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set

Let the cooling effects of a jade roller soothe troubled skin after a gua sha stone lifts and revitalizes the skin on the face and neck. 

Pso-Rite Psoas Muscle Relaxer

While this might not sound like self-care, this tool is one of the best methods for relieving tight hips and lower back issues brought on by prolonged sitting. SImply lay it on the ground and lower down onto it to feel unbridled relief.

Silk Pajamas for Men and Women 

Nothing screams “boujee” louder than a luxury set of silk pajamas. Fight wrinkles and improve sleep quality with silk sleepwear.

Self-Care Tracker Pad

Let’s be honest — the thought of sitting down and journaling out self-care regimens can seem like too much work. This simple, charming notepad ensures that self-care is worked into everyday life, one check mark at a time.

Reflection Journal

If journaling is the preferred method of reflection, a 90-day writing companion is a great way to keep track of thoughts, accomplishments and daily goals.

Shower Steamers

Get the feel of an all-inclusive resort shower without leaving home. Shower steamers come in a variety of fragrances to suit all types of smell preferences.

Skin Oils

Oils and serums are the new trendy skin care choice. Kits like The Super Pack from Glossier provide hydration and nourishment to the face and skin that will help combat dryness from the January cold.

Medicine Capsule Containers

Taking your vitamins is the ultimate self-care, and putting them in an attractive casing will help you remember them, at home or on the road.

Linen Towels

Shower time is the best time for self-care, and the towels used should be considered part of the experience — especially high-quality linen towels.

Eye Gel Masks

Anyone prone to headaches or migraines should consider this ice-cold tool for relief and relaxation.

Foot Bath Spa

Recreating the pedicure experience at home is easier than one might think. Pop one of these portable foot spas at the couch or table for instant relaxation.

A Healthy Snack Box

Fight the urge to munch on junk. This box of options has healthier choices that are just as tasty as less-nutritious options. 

A Moka Pot

Thoughtful coffee drinkers will love this stovetop espresso maker, for a rich version of the standard drip brew.

Cosmetic Patches

Leave those blemishes alone, with pimple patches that cover up sore spots and extract them over time.

White Noise Machine

Sleep is the key to health, and a white noise machine — complete with extra soothing sounds and calming light features — will ensure good sleep quality.

Sunrise Alarm Clock

Speaking of sleep quality, being roused from sleep by a gentle sunrise is a calming way to start the day. Choose subtle sounds to accompany the alert, from crashing waves to gentle rain.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Bring smells of ylang ylang, eucalyptus, jasmine and more into your home with a diffuser for the ultimate aromatherapy treatment.

Self-Help Books

Seeking help in any fashion is a healthy and constructive way to bring about positive change. Books are a sharable resource that can educate and inspire readers to take care of their health in numerous ways.

Yoga Hammock

While traditional yoga yields amazing benefits, the suspension of a hammock setup opens a new world for stretches and flexibility progression that will provide relief and refreshment.

Bone Conduction Headphones

Balance listening to music and podcasts with the awareness of your surroundings with these sleek and unique headphones.

Bath Pillow

Baths are already a luxurious way to unwind, and the addition of a cushy pillow will also provide neck and back support during a soak.