Andrew Tate Gets One Final Opportunity To “Justify” His Unjustifiable Ideologies

If there is anyone that is going to make a bigger exit than they did entrance, it's Andrew Tate. The

Andrew Tate Gets One Final Opportunity To "Justify" His Unjustifiable Ideologies

If there is anyone that is going to make a bigger exit than they did entrance, it's Andrew Tate. The cringeworthy social media sensation has captured the attention of many people over the past week, so much so that he was banned from all social media platforms. Hmm, I guess "all publicity is good publicity" isn't so true after all. And, if you are confused as to why his fast popularity earned him the exclusion from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube well, here's why.

The Tate Takeover

Last year, Tate appeared on the Anything Goes with James English podcast. He stated ever so confidently, “You can’t slander me because I will state right now that i am absolutely sexist and I’m absolutely a misogynist, and I have f*** you money and you can’t take that away.” Ironically, that wasn't the interview that got him banned from social media. That was in fact just the beginning of his reign.

Tate has appeared in many videos making bizarre statements about people, women specifically, over what he believes to be the "right" lifestyle. For example, broke people shouldn't cook. "If you're not a millionaire, the last thing you should be doing with your time is cooking," said Tate. He backs up his idea behind this by calling cooking a waste of time and pretty much the thing holding people back from "world conquest." So if you were wondering why you're not a millionaire yet, it's so obviously because you cook meals for yourself three times a day. As per Tate at least.

And still, the Tate takeover continued. Well, until it didn't.

After gaining a mass following, which was the majority of young teenage boys, Tate's head became bigger than his sunglasses. Not only did he believe his words but so did others. This became a domino effect of the former influencer gaining more attention and speaking volumes louder (quite literally) across all platforms and podcast interviews.

The straw that broke the camels back appears to be his recent interview on the Full Send Podcast with the also popular NELK Boys.

Following his introduction, Tate dove right into his views on women and relationships that he swears do not make him a misogynist (although he previously stated that he was).

When referring to a man's lack of desire for loyalty [in the bedroom] he spoke about what sounds like a hierarchy system in a relationship stating, "…it's completely different for men and women. And, it's also different, because a lot of people misunderstand what I say, it's different for men of a certain status, right? If you're a man who has his s–t together, as a certain level of status you can say to a woman 'look, I love you with all my heart I want to be with you, I'm going to take care of you but you're not going to tell me what to do. I'm in charge because this is my life, you're on the Tate Train…'"

He explained deeper into the minds of women, or as he confidently labeled, "b–ches," to tell the boys "women are also addicted to drama. This is something else you have to understand about females." Tate then gave the boys advice on how to keep the upper hand in a relationship by staying in control. He stated, "it's about the mental framing." And, if you're curious about Tate's view on the roles being reversed, well, "it goes against the will of God in nature. It goes against the way of man"

Goodbye and Good Riddance!

Since his social media-wide ban, Tate shared a video to his new website in which he claimed that the viral clips of him have been "taken out of context."

He began the video with the backstory of his childhood, addressing his trauma, which communicates that "as a man, trauma, and difficulty is extremely important because it's the building blocks for mental fortitude and physical fortitude."

He stated, “I have some responsibility to bear. I still blame myself, because my rise has been so meteoric and I became so famous so quickly,”

“My responsibility is that any negative connotations in my videos are removed. The way you say things in a video that gets 500 views is very different from the way you say things in a video that gets 50 million views – the more people you reach, the more important it is that people don’t take things out of context.”

“If there was as many people cutting up videos like they did mine and those people had a negative agenda, they could make Mickey Mouse look evil, you could make anyone look bad”.

Tate explained, "I am fully aware that not everybody is going to agree with what I say." Adding in, "I have no problem with people disagreeing with me. I have no problem with being seen as controversial for some of the things I've said. However, I do have two significant problems I would like to address."

He put his foot down on the spreading of lies about him along with the viral clips of him that contain "elements taken out of context. tonality of the joke removed and purporting an image of me that's not true."

In his video, Tate said that does understand why he was banned however he believes that it was "unfairly verified." He stated, “I understand why they did it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a negative view of women, negative view of men negative view of a sexuality, it doesn’t matter what it is, it should be stopped, I agree with that. Instagram has a responsibility to show it is listening to the public.”

Towards the end, Tate added in, "I'm very glad this happened because I feel like I now have a chance to tell the truth. And, I also feel like the social media companies are very understanding of their responsibilities and will always reflect national consciousness. And, as people understand the truth about me and my heart, their opinions about me will change also."

What are your thoughts on Andrew Tate and his ban from the social media community?