Anonymous Hacktivist Collective is Back, and They’re ‘Taking Down’ the GOP

Anonymous is a collective of hacker activists known for using their skills to identify the dirty secrets of the rich

Anonymous war GOP

Anonymous is a collective of hacker activists known for using their skills to identify the dirty secrets of the rich and powerful and uploading them for everyone to see.

In the past, they’ve been famously apolitical, taking on people on both sides of the aisle.

But now, they’re back – and they’re waging war on the GOP.

Anonymous is Back, and the GOP is in Their Sights

In a new video released in the Anonymous style on one of their Twitter accounts, the collective announces, “We gave you warnings. We gave you time to adjust your actions to meet the wants and needs of the people.”

The spokesperson says that Republicans “have overstepped, and now we can share what we did with that time.”

The group has created a dark web database where they say they’ve published information for the world to see about what GOP politicians have been up to.

Some of the politicians they’ve targeted so far have been Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert and SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas. Email accounts, passwords, and user names for multiple sites – including Pornhub – have been apparently leaked.

The spokesperson added that people should “Remember, human rights and civil rights are not negotiable.”

The group also pointed to a number of apparent Russian ties among GOP politicians.

On various Anonymous-related accounts, activists called the GOP “fascists.”

Account @AnonOpsUnited wrote, “#Anonymous presents #OpGOP. This is a warning to the #GOP, #fascist governments worldwide and their enablers. This is war and we are here to expose your hatred, lies, hypocrisy and ignorance. We call on all citizens of the world to stand with us and fight back against this evil.”

The group adds that “There is no neutral ground when it comes to this oppression.”

It’s unclear what other information they intend to release, but there has undeniably been a sudden surge in activity among Anonymous-associated accounts, and it doesn’t sound like they’re ready to tap out yet.

Who is Anonymous?

The better question would be, “who ARE Anonymous?”

It’s a decentralized hacker activist group known for gathering dirt on “the right people.” They focus on exposing information from and launching cyberattacks against politicians, government institutions and government agencies, corporations and the Church of Scientology.

There’s no one centralized Anonymous group, and it’s caused confusion over the years as different factions have focused on different goals. But they seem primarily focused on revealing the dark underbelly of the world’s powerful people, and putting power back in the hand of the average Joe.

While it’s a romanticized notion of vigilante accountability, their actions have proven popular over the years.

Spokespeople who release videos with Anonymous associations wear Guy Fawkes masks in a style popularized by the movie “V for Vendetta.” “V for Vendetta” is a 2005 film based on a graphic novel that stars Hugo Weaving, Natalie Portman, Stephen Fry and John Hurt.

In the film, Weaving’s character wages a vigilante war against a fascist government, encouraging others to rise up and join him behind the same masks – and with the motto, “We are legion.”

Anonymous has embraced the symbolism of the film, and it remains their calling card to this day.