Another [Business] Baby Is Born With Nick Cannon’s DNA

Nick Cannon has announced a new reality TV show titled Who’s Having My Baby. The first season will bring on

Nick Cannon has announced a new reality TV show titled Who’s Having My Baby. The first season will bring on women who want to have Cannon’s 13th baby and ultimately he will decide who his next co-parenting partner is.

Speaking Of Pranks…

Did we get ya? We were most certainly “got” when we saw Cannon’s tweet earlier.

The Wildin’ Out host shared a video of his new gameshow with Kevin Hart accompanied by a live studio audience that has us all laughing and very much believing it was real.

However, we were all just gotten by a big prank to kick-off their actual new show, Celebrity Prank Wars, which premiers Thursday, April 6 at 10 PM EST.

The logline reads, “It’s an all-out war as one celebrity pranks another, and the payback begins. Each episode will feature celebrities planning and perpetrating some of the wildest and most viral pranks on each other, as hosts Nick Cannon and Kevin Hart choose one winner of the Prank War.”

It continues, “Celebrities are always trying to up the ante as each prank is more elaborate than the next – all of them with unexpected twists, embarrassing situations and shocking reveals. Celebrities would be smart to stay on high alert with these pranksters in town!”   

But Really What Number Baby Is Nick Cannon At?

Cannon is a father of 12 and co-parents with six women.

He shares 11-year-old twins with his ex-wife Mariah Carey. He has a 6-year-old, a 2-year-old, and a 4-month baby with Brittany Bell. Cannon shares a 7-year-old son with Selling Sunset‘s Bre Tiesi. He has twin boys who are 19 months and a 3-month-old daughter with Abby De La Rosa. Cannon has a 4-month-old with the former Price Is Right model LaNisha Cole. And, he most recently welcomed a daughter with model Alyssa Scott in December.

Last month Entertainment Tonight asked Cannon if he was done having kids, which he responded, “yeah, year, yeah.” However, it wasn’t closed off to the idea of there being more kids in the cards for him.

God decides when we’re done, but I believe I definitely got my hands full,” he said. “And I’m so focused. I’m locked in. But when I’m 85, you never know. I might.”

The TV host explained that his number one goal as a father is to make sure that each of his kids has a bright future.

“It’s a blessing, man. Like, hopefully, because of what I am able to do, my kids can do whatever they want to do, to be able to be in a position that if they want to be a nuclear physicist, I know somebody at an Ivy League school that I could [hit up],” he said.

“If they want to go into the military, if they want to be artists, if they want to be actors, it’s a thing where we have the capability,” he added. “Let’s start talking about it now so we can help your dreams come true.”