UPDATE: Antonio Brown STILL Wanted By Tampa Police on Domestic Violence Charge Amid Standoff

UPDATE 12/02/2022 As Friday morning dawns, Antonio Brown is still at large and remains ensconced in his Florida home. Police

Antonio Brown Wanted By Tampa Police

UPDATE 12/02/2022

As Friday morning dawns, Antonio Brown is still at large and remains ensconced in his Florida home. Police have made multiple attempts to take the former wide receiver into custody, but he is refusing to exit his residence.

Tampa police have waited outside of his home, but he is reportedly “not communicating with police officers.”

This is a developing story.

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Antonio Brown is wanted by authorities in Tampa. The former NFL wide receiver has an arrest order issued in connection with an alleged domestic incident involving the mother of his children. The ex-Buccaneers and ex-Steelers star is wanted for a misdemeanor battery charge that occurred on Monday in Tampa.

Tampa Police spent over an hour outside the home of Antonio Brown urging him with a megaphone to come out. According to the ABC Affiliate in Tampa, cops told Brown they had spoken to Brown’s attorney and stated “we are not going anywhere.”

Photo: WFTS-TV Tampa FL

How it started

According to the Tampa Police Department, Brown got into a verbal altercation with a woman around 1:30pm on Monday afternoon. The incident happened at a Brown’s home in South Tampa. The dispute escalated and became physical. According to officials, Brown allegedly threw a shoe at the woman. Later Brown, “also attempted to evict the victim from the residence and locked her out of the home” during the incident, cops said.

The next day, Tuesday, November 29, Tampa Police sought a protection order against Brown. In the order, obtained by Steelers Now, police stated that it was believed Brown had access to two guns, one of which he carried on his person. Risk protection orders are filed when law enforcement officials believe a person is a danger to others or themselves. The order would have prevented Brown from possessing firearms or ammunition. The risk protection order was denied by Florida circuit court judge Denise A. Pomponio.

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Antonio Brown’s Ongoing Legal Troubles

This week’s incident is the latest run-in Brown has had with law enforcement. Just last month Brown received two years probation and was ordered to pay $1.2 million dollars for assaulting the driver of a moving truck. Brown pled no-contest and was required to undergo a psychological evaluation and take anger management courses. 

Brown’s Battle in the Bay

It has been almost a full year since Brown has played professional football with the NFL. He was last with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but was released in January 2022 after a game against the New York Jets. In that game, Brown sauntered off the playing field, throwing his gloves in the stands and taking off his shirt before disappearing into the locker room mid game. He has not played for another NFL team since. The Buccaneers would end up beating the Jets 28-24.