Wait, are the Jonas Brothers breaking up again? That seems to be the question on everyone’s minds since Nick Jonas released a solo song, called “Spaceman,” on Thursday, February 25. Yep, almost two years after the group got back together, they may be going their separate ways once again. Here’s what you need to know…

Sorry Guys, This May Be The End Of The Jonas Brothers — For Now

Nick Jonas

So does Nick’s new song mean that he’s launching a solo career and that he, and his brothers — Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas — are done making music together? Well guys, according to The Sun, the answer is yes.

“The Jonas Brothers’ reunion is effectively over for now. They had an album ready to go and were about to announce it last March but then the pandemic happened and everything was postponed,” an insider told them. “Since then they’ve all been working on their own projects and they feel like they’ve moved on from that music. There’s been no big falling out this time, but realistically it will be a while before they do music as a trio again.”

But don’t worry, you guys, because Joe made it clear that there was no bad blood between them.

“Wait Wtf?” he wrote on his Instagram Stories, alongside a photo of Nick promoting his new track. “Just kidding! Can’t wait for ‘Spaceman!’ Let’s get it!”

The band’s official Twitter account also spoke out about the situation, writing, “We have the best fans in the world and we love you so much! We all have a ton of exciting stuff coming (together and apart) and we can’t wait for you guys to hear all about it.”

The Guys Were Supposed To Release Another Album Before The Pandemic Hit

For those who missed it, the former Disney boyband actually confirmed that their next album was ready in February 2020.

“Yeah, a new album. It’s coming,” Nick said during an appearance on The Tonight Show. “We figured, why slow down. Literally two or three weeks [after Happiness Begins came out] we were with a bunch of our songwriting friends, we went somewhere to record to write and came out with a record pretty much done.”

But they revealed a few months later that they had decided to post-pone it because of the coronavirus pandemic.