Are Kate Middleton and Queen Camilla Feuding? A Look at the Untold Coronation Tale

When the newly-minted King Charles III was coronated earlier this year, everyone was focused on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton, MEGA

When the newly-minted King Charles III was coronated earlier this year, everyone was focused on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The “black sheep” of the family, the will-they, won’t-they of Harry and Meghan’s attendance was the buzz on everyone’s lips.

But Meghan ended up staying home in Montecito with the royal couple’s kids, and Harry slipped in and out without fuss to avoid stirring up any unnecessary drama.

So the royal gossips were starved for a story.

Enter: Kate Middleton and newly-crowned Queen consort Camilla.


While Kate, wife to eldest Prince William (heir to the throne), is often the picture of perfection and decorum, she publicly slighted the new queen at the coronation, and it has the world buzzing about what’s happening behind the scenes.

After the coronation, news broke that the King and his wife were having marital problems, reportedly over his inclusion of Harry in the coronation ceremony. Camilla is said to be “furious” that Harry was invited, and somehow sees Harry and Meghan’s battle against the press as a stab at her. Perhaps because she has always been rumored to have been in cahoots with the paparazzi who were responsible for the fiery crash which killed Harry and Williams’ mother, Princess Diana – Charles’ first wife.

Royal experts say Camilla has been using the “but they’re no longer royals” argument to try to persuade her husband to cut ties with Harry.

But whatever her reason for disdain towards Harry, the tension between the highest royal couple has led to them arguing over dinner and help around the palace stepping lightly for fear of wading into their marital rumbles.

Kate Middleton Camilla feud

Those who study the royals, however, say it’s not just the king that Camilla is at odds with.

The New York Post reports, “Royal biographer Tom Bower claimed that the Princess of Wales was ‘angry’ with the newly crowned queen over the guest list for King Charles’ coronation on May 6 and refused to curtsy for the monarch as she left Westminster Abbey.

Appearing on ‘Dan Wootton Tonight’ on Tuesday, Bower, 76, claimed that Middleton, 41, and her husband, Prince William, 40, were not happy because the princess was able to invite only four of her family members while Camilla, 75, had 20 people present.

The Post reached out to the Princess of Wales and Buckingham Palace for comment.

The author further revealed that the people who helped change Camilla’s image from the king’s mistress to queen were also snubbed from the high-profile event.”

Bower said on the show, “Camilla brought 20 Parker Bowleses to the coronation and there were four Middletons.” Middleton’s siblings were not allowed to bring their partners.

Kate Middleton Camilla feud

Bower added, “If you look at the coronation footage, as the king and queen leave the thrones and head for the exit of Westminster Abbey, you’ll see that everyone bows and curtsies to the king and no one moves a limb, a muscle, when Camilla passes. And that’s because they were angry with Camilla.”

The tension between royals and the animosity towards Camilla was apparently palpable during the ceremony. “All the people that helped Camilla get the crown on her head were excluded from that coronation, and they were furious,” Bower claims. “Kate and William were angry too. That anger went right through that small part of the congregation by the throne, at the center of Westminster Abbey.”

“And in that moment it was absolutely noticeable to those people who had been excluded that nobody — let alone Kate — curtsied to Queen Camilla,” Bower added.

But the tension did not end there. It continued well through the next day, into the coronation concert – an event attended by 20,000 people.

Bower continued, “And what was even more noticeable was, at the Windsor concert the following day, William makes no reference to Queen Camilla [in his speech]. So there is a tension there.”

Whether or not Kate and Camilla will patch things up quickly remains to be seen, but it’s clear that Camilla has no problem making enemies of pretty much everyone in the royal family.