Arlo Hotels Brings Chic New Destination to Miami’s Wynwood, aka ‘The Capital of Cool’

Miami's Wynwood is one of the country's fastest up-and-coming neighborhoods. With an artistic vibe and a soulful collection of destinations

Arlo Hotels Brings Chic New Destination to Miami's Wynwood

Miami's Wynwood is one of the country's fastest up-and-coming neighborhoods.

With an artistic vibe and a soulful collection of destinations to tempt the creative in locals and visitors alike, it's the perfect place to open a hotel.

Arlo Hotels has the honor of being the first to open a hotel in the premiere neighborhood, bringing their signature style and experience-driven brand to the Miami hotspot just in time for the holidays.

Arlo Hotels is Coming to Wynwood

With Arlo Hotels, every stay is an experience. The brand calls its destinations a, "home base for explorers and a launch pad for all things local."

With welcoming staff as their guides and a laid-back modern atmosphere, Arlo Wynwood will be the perfect place to lay your head at night after a day of immersing yourself in the local culture.

Offering our guests authentic, destination-specific experiences is at the heart of the Arlo brand, and this property serves as a conduit to the Wynwood lifestyle. Capturing this community’s unique spirit throughout our spaces is of utmost importance to us, so we’re collaborating with local artists and musicians who represent the best of this region.

Arlo Wynwood will provide a soothing refuge for Wynwood's adventurers, with white oak furnishings and a committment to wellness that will follow guests throughout their stay.

The hotel's design will embrace the intersection between manmade and nature, blending an organic yet modern palette that includes playful and creative pops of design throughout to keep guests feeling inspired and relaxed.

Like all Arlo properties, Arlo Wynwood also provides common areas like an oversized living room and lounges throughout the property so guests can connect and enjoy the community – the perfect complement to Wynwood's vibe.

Starting at $239 per night, this 217-room, 9-story hotel will be the first to open in Wynwood and provide a cultural and creative hub for locals and out-of-towners alike who want to see what Wynwood has to offer.

Wynwood is one of the most vibrant districts in Miami. We’ve been eager to develop a hotel in the neighborhood, and with an increasing number of tech-forward businesses moving their headquarters to Wynwood, we feel this is a great time. The year-over-year hotel occupancy in the broader downtown market has grown nearly 30%. We’re thrilled to debut Arlo Wynwood as the premier hotel in the neighborhood. The property will embody Wynwood’s renowned artistic flair and offer first-rate restaurants, bars, wellness programming and entertainment for guests and locals alike.

In addition to the property's rooftop pool, private cabanas, yoga deck, bar, cafe, and 2,666sqft restaurant – Arlo Wynwood will serve as a canvas for local artists, in the neighborhood's most faithful tradition.

Guests will enjoy daily yoga classes led by local yoga leader YO BK, weekly meditation sessions as well as a rotation of live DJs and music activations for a day and night experience that will perfectly slide into the unique culture that is Wynwood.

The Arlo Wynwood team explains in a statement, "On the serene yoga deck, Florida-based collage artist Ari Robinson is creating a plexiglass mural featuring overlapping organic shapes of varying sizes and hues that will produce unique color combinations, shadows and reflections for a feeling of levity and calm.

The property’s exterior walls will feature works by Miami-based artist Hoxxoh, known for his 'spheres of life' that illustrate the motions of space and time, and from MILAGROS Collective, whose co-founders Felici Asteinza and Joey Fillastre will create site-specific work, exploring the history of the community through striking arrangements of color and lines.

Arlo Wynwood’s interiors will display more than 250 works of art from a range of artists, including Alain Castoriano, Coruna Luna, Jessica Poundstone, Joe Geis, Lauren Williams, Matthias Lupri, Ryan Coleman, and Tom Abbiss, among others."

Arlo Wynwood will open its doors this October, just in time for Art Basel and the holidays.

The Evolution of Wynwood and Miami

With all that Wynwood has to offer, it's amazing to realize that a hotel has not yet been among those options.

It is hard to believe that despite attracting more than 10 million visitors annually, we are just now getting ready to open the first hotel in Wynwood. We are thrilled Arlo Hotels is the first hotel brand opening in the district. We are attracting a new generation of creatives and entrepreneurs who want to live, work, eat, play and learn in our community, and Arlo will serve them well as their home away from home or remote workspace where inspiration awaits.

Wynwood has quickly become one of the world's preeminent art districts, boasting a blend of local and global art installations, 250 art galleries, shopping venues and restaurants.

Whether you're looking for an eclectic bar to spend your evening, an art destination to inspire your soul, or an artisan eatery to fuel up for another day in Miami, Wynwood has something for everyone.

Time Magazine recently dubbed Miami one of it's "World's Greatest Places 2022," calling it the "Capital of Cool."

With a beautiful daytime setting and an electric nightlife, Miami is hotter than ever. And Wynwood is part of the driving force that's making Miami one of the most desirable destinations in the world.

With that in mind, there's no better place to stay than Arlo Wynwood – and you won't have much longer to wait.