Actor Armie Hammer has been gracing news headlines this week, and the reasons are disturbing. A number of leaked private messages between the actor and several women have raised concerns that his personal sexual fantasies have strayed from, “kink,” into, “borderline psychotic.” Hammer’s ex-wife, Elizabeth Chambers, revealed that she is completely shocked by the week’s revelations. The actor, known for Gossip Girl, Reaper, and Rebecca, has a lot to answer for. 

What Do Hammer’s Messages Say?

Armie Hammer

An Instagram account titled House of Effie leaked a series of private messages. The account claims that it all started when the account holder released a video talking about an affair with Hammer, and multiple women came forward discussing their experiences with the actor and his disturbing behavior.

Per the DailyMail, “The graphic Instagram DMs that Hammer allegedly penned to a woman included talk of rape fantasies, BDSM and cannibalism. In one message, the actor allegedly writes to the woman: ‘I am 100% a cannibal. I want to eat you.'”

Hammer then adds, “F–k that’s scary to admit. I’ve never admitted that before.”

Other messages described a kink where one partner serves as a master and the other as a slave, and perhaps the most disturbing ones suggested that Hammer would like to cut off his partner’s toe and keep it with him to have a part of her with him at all times.

Other Disturbing Signals From Hammer

Comments made by Hammer a few months ago have received new scrutiny in the wake of the disturbing messages. DailyMail reports, “Hammer, 34, made the admission in a November 2020 interview with Netflix Brazil for the film Rebecca, after being asked, ‘What historical person would you like to have dinner with?’   

‘Armie Hammer said he would like to have dinner with the Marquis de Sade. I did not expect that or anything he said in this unfiltered interview,’ the caption of the video translates to read.”

Biography explains, “Marquis de Sade, a French aristocrat, philosopher and writer of explicit sexual works, was born in Paris in 1740. His writings depict violence, criminality and blasphemy against the Catholic Church. During the French Revolution he was an elected delegate to the National Convention. The last 13 years of his life were spent in an insane asylum.”

De Sade is where the term, “sadism,” was coined, which describes deriving pleasure from causing pain. De Sade was a well known sexual hedonist and sadist and Hammer’s apparent admiration is alarming in today’s context. 

Are the Messages Real?

Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers

It’s important to note that, as of now, the messages aren’t verified and Hammer has remained completely mum on the issue. Representatives for the actor have refused to respond to media inquiries and so far it’s unclear whether the messages are real or not. However, House of Effie attempted to verify them by sending personal images received from the actor including one image where he appears to be choking himself. 

Elizabeth Chambers Speaks Out

Hammer’s ex-wife has revealed that she is blown away by the revelations. Their marriage came to an end due to Hammer’s infidelities over their 10-year relationship, but Chambers claims she was unaware of the sordid details. 

DailyMail spoke to a friend of Chambers and reveals, “…Hammer’s alleged extreme kinks are a ‘complete shock’ to the mother-of-two, with the friend adding: ‘Armie appears to be a monster.’

They said: ‘A lot of these women have reached out to Elizabeth and although she didn’t want to admit it to herself at first, she knows now they are speaking the truth. 

‘Armie had a whole other side to him that she wasn’t aware of. Whether it was always there and he kept it hidden, or something happened that changed him completely, she doesn’t know.’

The insider claims that one of the women who contacted Chambers about her experience with Hammer was left so traumatized that she entered an ‘intense rehab and therapy program because of his emotional and maybe physical abuse.’

They added: ‘He preyed upon her when she was coming out of a relationship. He made her feel very uncomfortable, the things he wanted to do made her very scared.'”

Until Hammer refutes the messages, signs point to them being authentic. The online kink community seems to be split on the subject of the messages. Some people claim that Hammer is free to engage in these kinks if the other partners consent. Others say that it’s clear not all of the partners did consent, and that his suggestions take things too far. The A-list celebrity will have to respond sooner or later and explain exactly why so many women have bad experiences to share about their time with him. And he will have to be accountable for the violent imagery he gleefully embraces, if they are proven to be true. 

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