Ashley Martson- Jay Smith And I Did Not Reunite To Get Back On TV

While there are always rumors floating around about the cast- both present and past- of 90 Day Fiance, 90 Day

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith

While there are always rumors floating around about the cast- both present and past- of 90 Day Fiance, 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, and 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, many of these rumors turn out to just be tabloid fodder. However, recently past 90 Day Fiance star Ashley Martson took to Instagram to confirm that her and husband, Jay Smith, had separated again- and this time it was for good. 

While Martson and Smith have been the subject of tabloid reports since they first came on 90 Day Fiance back in 2018. While they went through a slew of relationship issues- and had their share of ups and downs, which were documented both on that first season and on a season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?– it appears they are now done for good. Some people have begun to speculate that the pair only got back together this final time in an attempt to get back on reality TV. CELEB spoke exclusively to Martson this morning who shared that this could not be further from the truth and that, while there were talks of returning to TV, this had zero to do with their relationship rekindling and then ultimately ending. 

Not The Intent

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith 90 Day

“Jay and I were in talks to do some more reality television,” Martson began by sharing with CELEB

However, Martson went on to explicitly clarify that “To be clear, though, Jay and I did not get back together with the intention of returning to television and getting more fame/notoriety/exposure. After we left 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? the last time, we both had enough of being in the public light and getting that exposure.”

“If we wanted to strictly stick to reality TV,” Martson added, “there are other shows we could have gone on to do.”

So why did Martson end up getting back with Smith then, given that the pair had a slew of issues in the past related to infidelity and trust? 

Martson shared with CELEB that “We got back together because I really wanted to give it another try and I really wanted to make it work. As I said when I announced my separation from Jay- and, to be clear, this time it is final- it was me who couldn’t get over the cheating in the past. He did not cheat again, he did not do anything wrong this time… but it’s like someone who has PTSD. I couldn’t get over it no matter how hard I tried to.”

There Were Talks

Martson went on to explain that “With that being said, though, we were in some preliminary talks for a reality TV return while we were still together- and while things were going well and we were happy. We were willing to talk about this once my agent was contacted, but we were skeptical.”

What was it that made them skeptical about a reality TV return?

“Knowing that reality shows like to showcase drama and hone in on arguments, etc. we weren’t sure when our relationship had already been through so much- and was finally in a good place- if we wanted to go there again,” Martson clarified. 

Martson reiterated her initial message, restating that “Again, to be clear, getting ‘back on TV’ had nothing to do with why Jay and I rekindled our relationship or why it ended.”

So is Martson done with reality television for good or could she potentially return one day? 

Martson wrapped with telling CELEB that “If I were to be approached regarding future television projects, I would potentially be open to them, but it’s not something I’m actively in conversations with or vying for. I’ve been through the wringer on TV- and on social media- so, at this point, I’m trying to just pick up the pieces and move forward with my life.”

For Good

Jay Smith and Ashley Martson Fashion Show

As fans who follow Martson on social media know, Martson announced her separation from Smith on September 19th. Martson posted a quote that said “sometimes things just don’t work out, and it’s not anyone’s fault. It’s just the way things are.”

Martson wrote alongside this quote the following statement: 

“Before the stories get all misconstrued I will just address it myself. Jay and I have made the decision to separate for good. I thought I was stronger and more forgiving but I’m not. Sometimes when trust is broken, it just cannot be repaired. I simply couldn’t get over the past. I gave my all to this marriage and as I type this I’m heartbroken, this isn’t how I envisioned my future. We want to thank everyone who has supported us and were rooting for us. Have a good weekend everyone. To my close friends and family I’m sorry you’re finding out this way but I just don’t have the strength to talk about it. Please forgive me. #90dayfiance.”

It will be interesting to see if Martson does end up back on reality TV or not in the future, but for now it’s understandable she’s trying to pick up the pieces and move forward with her life.


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