Aspen is the Place to Be As the Holidays Come to a Close

The holidays are coming to a close and 2021 is almost over. If you’re looking for the perfect place to


The holidays are coming to a close and 2021 is almost over. If you’re looking for the perfect place to spend the last remaining hours in this year, set your sights on Aspen, Colorado. A dream destination any time of the year, the holidays in Aspen are extra special. CELEB takes a look at how Aspen is winding down the holidays and spending the peak of the winter season. 

Snowmass Holiday Happenings


Snowmass is technically its own town, but both Aspen and Snowmass blend together when it comes to wintry activities and holiday celebrations. Here are some of the things you need to know about Snowmass resort at the end of the year:

  • Guests to Aspen will want to hop on over to Snowmass and take part in Snowmass Luminescence and Red Bull Illume. Luminescence is an immersive display featuring a tunnel of lights and interactive art underneath the Skittles Lift on Snowmass. And Illume is an image installation on Fanny Hill of some of the world’s greatest adventure and action sports imagery along with winning shots from this year’s Red Bull Illume Image Quest.
  • At Aspen and Snowmass you’ll find skiing, riding, art installations, fine dining, tubing and the Breathtaker Alpine Coaster. 
  • New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day celebrations in both Aspen and Snowmass will be events to remember. 
  • Aspen Snowmass and Pop-up Magazine have collaborated for a live show commemorating the 75th anniversary of Snowmass’s opening. In a statement, the Aspen Snowmass team shares, “Through a unique blend of mixed-media storytelling, we’ll create a “living magazine” featuring the best moments in our history told by some of our most beloved locals. Celebrate the values, people, and moments that have defined us for the past 75 years and will lead us through the next 75; join us at the historic Wheeler Opera House, January 9-11, for an unforgettable show coinciding with Aspen Snowmass’ official opening day 75 years ago.”
  • ASPENX Prada: Describing their brand as, “a premium retail and experience brand at the intersection of culture and nature,” ASPENX offers outerwear, accessories and home goods. This year they’ve added the ASPENX Prada line, a limited-edition collection of elevated ski performance wear inspired by the slopes of Aspen. 

Whether you stay in Snowmass or explore the greater Aspen area, the fun, elegant, and inviting atmosphere of Aspen Snowmass is the perfect place to close out your year and start fresh in 2022. 

Snow Lodge Aspen at St. Regis Aspen Resort


And back in the heart of Aspen, something new and exciting just arrived. The Snow Lodge at St. Regis Aspen Resort opened on December 22, and you won’t want to miss this destination. The new venue is part supper club, part lounge and includes a seasonable cuisine menu with creative cocktails. The minds behind Snow Lodge include the team behind Danta, dubbed the “World’s Best Bar” in 2019, so expect greatness.

Guests visiting the supper club will escape from the slopes into a whole new world. The Snow Lodge team shares in a statement, “Patrons escaping the chill of the mountain will enter into a lush setting of deep velvets and local art sourced from Aspen galleries and Snow Lodge’s artist in residence program in two distinct spaces — the restaurant and lounge. The residency will kick off for the season with artist and musician Brandon Boyd and photographer Brian Bowen Smith, followed by visual artist Heart Evangelista and other names including Richard Phillips, Zoe Buckman, Tonia Calderon, Anthony James and Brandon Ralph.”

Chef Mark Connell worked at Casa d’Angelo previously, and offers a delectable menu that has crafted both shareables and large plates featuring contemporary and classic Italian preparations. Guests can enjoy dishes like Olive All’Ascolana, which is fried castelvetranos stuffed with sausage, and imported Buratta with tomato olive Battuta, basil and grilled bread. 

Dine against the backdrop of live DJ sets and unplugged acoustic concerts while sipping artfully curated cocktails. The Snow Lodge team adds, “Over Christmas and for the New Year, The Snow Lodge will host a string of events including hat maker Nick Fouquet’s holiday party (December 22nd), a dinner for the Aspen Art Museum celebrating their exclusive Warhol exhibit, an après series with sets featuring DJ Cassidy and Elderbrook and a New Year’s Eve party with a surprise musical performance. The Supper Club’s prefix New Year’s menu will include antipasti, an option of two pastas like the Ricotta Anolini featuring butternut squash, chestnut and black truffle, main courses that include ribeye, scallops and pan seared branzino.”

Holidays Come to an End


It’s hard to imagine that a year that seemed endless has come to an end, but 2022 is almost here. 2021 brought heartache, uncertainty, and perhaps a little hope – and we have even more hope for the next year. In places like Aspen, New York, Miami, and other cities across the country where people gather to celebrate, New Year’s Eve is a frantic celebration of fingers crossed and wishes for luck.

The holidays in 2021 have been a marked celebration of the human spirit and our species’ ability to endure the unendurable, but few people will be sad to see the year come to an end. If you’re looking to throw 2021 out and YOLO your way into 2022 – Aspen is the perfect place to be. From picturesque slopes, crackling fires before the hearth, world class dining and activities galore – Aspen and Snowmass are the memory makers of a lifetime. You might as well make those memories on the cusp of tomorrow.