Buy a Luxury Apartment, Get a Free Aston Martin? Yes You Can

How much do you love Aston Martins? So much that you wish you could live in one? Well, now your

Aston Martin luxury apartment

How much do you love Aston Martins? So much that you wish you could live in one? Well, now your dream can become a reality, for the right price. A luxury apartment tower taking shape in Miami bears the Aston Martin name, and all its signature luxury details. But more than that, some lucky buyers will also get a free car to match their apartment. 

Miami Penthouses Come with a Perk

Aston Martin luxury apartment

Rising on the banks of the Miami River overlooking Biscayne Bay is a luxury development of a new sort. Aston Martin’s first wholesale luxury residential development, the tower marks a new opportunity for those with means to wrap themselves in their favorite car brand 24/7. It’s a sail-shaped building with 65 stories and 391 apartments, the design more reminiscent of what one usually sees in Dubai than Miami. Construction is expected to complete in 2022, but potential residents got their first preview of the building when it hosted the American premiere of the Aston Martin DBX SUV. 

And there’s something special for buyers; per Car and Driver, “There should be plenty more examples of the DBX at the residences soon enough. Buyers of the 38 Signature apartments and seven penthouses will get to choose a housewarming gift of either a DBX Riverwalk Edition or DB11 Riverwalk Edition. Spec’d by Aston Martin’s executive VP and chief creative officer Marek Reichman, the Riverwalk Editions are limited to 45 examples just for this building. If you’re reaching for your calculators, know that Signature accommodations run from $5.3 million to $7.7 million, while single-level penthouses start at $14 million.”

Atop the fin-shaped building is a three story, 27,191 square foot penthouse. This singular residence will sell for about $50 million and comes with something special – the last Aston Martin Vulcan. 

The Aston Martin DBX is Quite the Free Prize

Aston Martin luxury apartment

If you’re looking to score the penthouse, the car you get with it is unimaginably awesome. The Vulcan is a track-only supercar with a natural aspirated 7.0 V12, with  a new block, pistons, liners, conrods and crank, all controlled by a Cosworth ECU. The car comes with carbon fiber racing seats and steering wheel, plus Cosworth Omega dash and data acquisition system with data download port. It’s a car that only serious speedsters need own – but whoever takes the crown jewel at the Aston Martin penthouse will own the very last one. 

For the other lucky 45 buyers, the DBX is an awesome sports utility vehicle on its own. The company’s first luxury SUV, the DBX boasts 542 BHP and can handle top speeds of 181 MPH. It’s not your typical family haul, going 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds. It’s sleek, looking and acting more like a racecar than an SUV, and the interior boasts all the luxury features one expects in an Aston Martin. 

Aston Martin Apartments in NYC and Other Corporate Collabs

If you want in on the Aston Martin lifestyle but you’re too far from Miami to make it work, there are Aston Martin apartments going up in Los Angeles and New York City, with similar housewarming offerings. In New York City, the entire tower isn’t dedicated to the Aston Martin suites; only 5 luxury suites are being added to an existing apartment building in Manhattan’s Financial District. Each of those buyers will receive a DBX. Of the NYC apartments, Car and Driver shares, “Each of the five units comes with an Aston Martin DBX designed by the building’s architect, David Adjaye, who after creating the Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History can now rightfully call himself a starchitect. The car is all black like all the hallways. You don’t get to choose the furniture—the condos are fully furnished with Aston Martin Home Collection pieces—or the car. You don’t even get a garage spot, because city people in this income bracket love Uber. The DBX will be parked at a Connecticut train station for weekend jaunts.”

But the Aston Martin towers aren’t the only car companies to collaborate for luxury dwellings. Lamborghini has their own, ultra-luxe apartments in Dubai. Designed by the Italian maestro behind the Lamborghini name, the apartments are fully-integrated, forward-thinking spaces with clean lines and all the heft of the Italian luxury brand.

And McLaren has their own jewel dwellings to brag on. In downtown Kansas City, Missouri, a 24-story glass tower rises above the city and hides best-kept secrets inside. The luxury car company’s engineers provided full design consultation in the construction of the apartments. MGMcLaren shares, “McLaren’s team investigated multiple systems and design layouts for the luxury apartments which resulted in cost savings and increased value. For example, the McLaren team created large openings in shear walls at the 8th floor amenity space to afford residents unobstructed views of the Kansas City skyline, while maintaining effective building stiffness through the use of finite element analysis during design.”

If you’re looking to wrap yourself in the luxury of your favorite car, the options appear to come in a wide and growing variety. While it’s not exactly intuitive that an apartment and a car company would create the perfect space to live in, they do share enough similarities to make the prospect intriguing. And it’s impossible to look away from the opportunity to own one of these world-class cars simply for buying an apartment.