BREAKING: Downtown Atlanta Told to ‘Shelter in Place’ After Multiple People Injured in Active Shooting in Midtown

Multiple people have been injured in an active shooting incident in Midtown Atlanta. Those in the area are being asked to shelter in place.

Atlanta shooting

People in downtown Atlanta are being asked to shelter in place after an active shooting in Midtown led to multiple injuries.

Atlanta police say multiple people have been injured in what they called an active shooter situation Wednesday afternoon on West Peachtree Street.

Witnesses from Channel 2 in Atlanta say they saw that what appeared to be hundreds of heavily-armed police officers outside of 1100 West Peachtree Street Northwest, which is a Northside Hospital facility.

Multiple agencies are reporting to the scene, including Atlanta police, Atlanta fire, MARTA police, Georgia Tech police and the Georgia State Patrol.

Police told those nearby, “Anyone in the area is asked to secure their building and shelter in place. Anyone not in the area is asked to stay away.” The shooter is still considered to be on the loose as of 1:15PM EST.

How many people have been injured and the extent of their injuries remains unclear.

This is a developing story.