Bob Menery Goes on Full Attack Online Against Former Flame Summer Sheekey

Bob Menery and Summer Sheekey are still at war. The couple, who cannot stop loving each other were spotted together

Nelk Boys Shake-up: Bob Menery Fired From Nelk and Fullsend Podcast

Bob Menery and Summer Sheekey are still at war. The couple, who cannot stop loving each other were spotted together at UFC in Boston. However, over the weekend Menery was informed of another guy Sheekey had cheated on him with, and it sent Menery into a full tailspin. Now the former couple has been attacking each other online as Menery has exposed Sheekey and her loose ways.

Original Story [Jun 29, 2022]: The Nelk Boys landscape is changing faces soon, after CELEB discovered that Bob Menery has been let go from the pranks, cranks and YouTube fun guru group’s Fullsend Podcast.

Rumors have been following the podcast hosts after it was revealed that Menery may have intentionally set up UFC fighter Colby Covington by “accidentally” revealing their dinner location to rival Jorge Masvidal, who jumped him as he left the restaurant for his car.

Menery’s erratic behavior in public has concerned fans in recent days and has been seen posting and deleting Instagram stories today. He has also appeared high in public on recent occasions.

John Shahidi, president of Fullsend, Nelk Boys and Happy Dad Seltzer recently tied the knot. During the wedding, Menery’s behavior indicated intoxication and Menery’s girlfriend Summer Sheekey was seen cozying up to media mogul Nik Richie. Richie said of the incident, “Bob Menery getting fired from Fullsend Podcast has nothing to do with Summer Sheekey and myself. Please stop. I wish Bob the best. He needs rehab.”

UPDATE 7/11/2022

As of Monday morning, Menery is no longer listed as a host on the YouTube page for the FullSend Podcast. In addition, Menery has removed mention of the podcast from his social media.

Now his bio reads, “Built 3 #1 podcast shows to date.” The team still has not made a public statement, but the online moves are clear.

Menery – Out

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Few details are known about Menery’s departure from the FullSend Podcast team, but we do know that he’s planning on launching his own brand soon.

Menery recently announced on Instagram that he would be launching Ripper Magoos, and it may come with a podcast of its own around mid-July. Merch will also drop, according to Menery’s Instagram story – so keep an eye out.

In addition, Menery is launching a seltzer – mirroring the Nelks’ venture into Happy Dad Seltzer. Menery explains that it’s not going to be in the alcohol sphere – so how that will play out is a curiosity that has fans itching for more information.

Currently, the YouTube channel for FullSend still lists Menery as a hosting member, but that will likely change soon as the news rolls out.

CELEB has reached out to Menery as well as the Fullsend team for a statement.

This is a breaking story, check back later for more information.