Quest for Peace: Auberge Opens Hacienda AltaGracia in Costa Rica

On the quest for peace, a traveler can find themselves roaming the world. But that quest may have become a


On the quest for peace, a traveler can find themselves roaming the world. But that quest may have become a little bit easier with the opening of a new Auberge Resorts property. The Hacienda AltaGracia in Costa Rica opens this Fall, and it’s the perfect place to add a few years to your life by engaging in some wellness and healing activities, exploring the breathtaking local region, and tapping into whatever magic has locals living regularly to over 100 years old. Come along to Hacienda AltaGracia and see what awaits.

AltaGracia: Wellness


Hacienda AltaGracia promises to be a peerless wellness experience, like none before it. Nestled among the lush verdant mountains of Costa Rica, this 50-casita destination may hold the key to ultimate wellness and healing.

AltaGracia was built in one of the world’s only five Blue Zones. A Blue Zone is where a larger number of people than average live to over 100. One such location is the isolated Nicoya Peninsula, home to AltaGracia. AltaGracia has teamed up with THE WELL, one of the world’s preeminent wellness providers, to offer a place for guests to unplug from the world and plug into healing. The partnership with the WELL has created, “East-meets-West healing therapies, expert-led health coaching and workshops, and transformative spa treatments set in eight tranquil treatment rooms, a thermal suite, and outdoor settings including the Calientillo River.”

THE WELL is described as, “Across 180 acres of land and over 20,000 square-feet of amenities, our remote wellness escape welcomes guests to reset, rewind and recharge. Surrounded by the Talamanca Mountains, we have a deep connection to Mother Earth, Pachamama. Each treatment, program and experience is an homage to her and the bountiful gift of life she gives to all on earth. Our integrated holistic approach draws from thousands of years of healing rituals across eight treatment rooms, a hydrotherapy tub, thermal suite, multiple ranchos for outdoor mindful movement classes and an on-property healing garden.”

Amenities from THE WELL include:

  • A Tepidarium.
  • A purifying ritual to welcome guests at the Casa de Agua.
  • Aromatherapy steam room.
  • Sauna.
  • Vibrational energy healing.
  • River Bath: a four-hour ritual journey that starts with a buggy ride to the riverside, then proceeds with an in-river massage using wild bergamon as you take in the sounds of nature. It concludes with a locally sourced heirloom cacao drink.
  • Recovery area for transitioning from zen to vacation.

Food at the AltaGracia resort is top of its class, Latin American cuisine with local fresh daily ingredients, daily rotating menus and exciting experiential dining.

Whatever room you book, you’ll have room to spread out both physically and mentally. With big windows to take advantage of the jungle views unique to Costa Rica, a relaxing spa-like decor palette and a number of rooms to pick from, there’s something for every guest. Rates run $1,550 a night for the 788 square foot Casita King, all the way up to $4,120 a night for the 1,798 square foot Casa Grande con Piscina.

A Beautiful Locale


AltaGracia has a leg up on the competition in the world of holistic vacations not only because it’s an Auberge Resort, but because it’s nestled among paradise. Costa Rica is one of the world’s richest natural destinations, with rolling mountains and hills, lush jungle flora, and crystal-clear beaches.

Activities to engage in to take advantage of Hacienda AltaGracia’s unique location include:

  • Tree climbing and zip-lining.
  • Los Establos: From a nearby stable full of indigenous Costa Rican horses, guests can explore the area on horseback. 
  • Coffee tour and tasting: AltaGracia has its own coffee farm and partners with a nearby town for a unique coffee-centric experience.
  • Don Nery’s Trapiche & Farm: An immersive local experience, guests can see what it’s like on a traditional Costa Rican farm, learn about the farming of sugarcane, and get a lesson on homemade tortillas. 
  • Coast to Coast: AltaGracia’s unique location and private landing strip allows guests a chance to access both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean all from the same resort. 

History of Costa Rica

Costa Rica isn’t just rich in natural resources, it’s also rich in history and culture. People have been inhabiting the area since around 5,000 B.C. Indigenous peoples in Costa Rica are of varied origin, including Aztecs of Mexico to the Mayas and the Incas of Peru. Although the indigenous influence in the area is limited due to its hub-like location, Costa Rica has strong Spanish and Catholic influences and a proud history.

In 1502, Christopher Columbus got lost somewhere off the coast of Costa Rica and “discovered” Limon. The indigenous people fled the area, moving into the Talamanca mountain range. Colonists named the area Costa Rica, or “rich coast,” in 1522 and the name has stuck. Although they named it with the hope that they’d strike gold, the colonists were disappointed and instead shifted their focus to agriculture, an enterprise which has grown to encompass the region in the intervening centuries.

Coffee and banana plantations helped give Costa Rica its own autonomous function, and in 1821 locals – known as Ticos – declared independence from Spain. Around 1950, Costa Rica ended a period of civil war and uncertainty and began focusing on democracy building. Although it’s not the wealthiest Central American nation, Costa Rica’s proud local heritage, unique natural resources, and vital hub location between the East and West has made it a vital world player, despite its small size.

When you close your eyes and picture paradise, chances are good that what you picture in your head looks very close to the reality of Costa Rica. With its beautiful landscape and the way the local population has connected with the land, it’s the perfect place to unwind. To plan and book your stay at Hacienda AltaGracia, visit their website. Doors open in November.