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David Bowie

David Bowie’s Estate Sells His Entire Songwriting Catalog

It’s been nearly 6 years to the day since David Bowie died. However, his legend lives on through his music and the spark he lit

Jake Paul

Jake Paul and UFC Prez Dana White Engage in Social Media War

Jake Paul: champion of fighter’s rights and the working man’s voice. 2022 is already throwing us for a loop if this is a headline that


Fly to Space, Save the Planet? Ecotourism Meets Space Tourism

Would seeing the planet from a different perspective change your life? Would it change your mind? Sometimes when we can’t see a big picture, all

Tulsa Club Hotel

Tulsa Club Hotel Offers the Perfect Midwest Art Deco Getaway

Art Deco is one of the world’s most popular styles of design. A style that arrived in France in the 1920’s and 1930’s, the dictionary


What You Need to Know About COVID’s New Quarantine Period

In early November, Americans looked at the upcoming holidays and felt hope. The Delta variant of COVID-19 was waning and Omicron was out there, but

The Marlborough

Room Number: New Zealand’s The Marlborough Offers Big Luxury

New Zealand is one of the most stunningly beautiful natural landscapes in the world. With a good portion of the country still untouched wilderness, it

Dude Ranchers

Dude Ranchers Gather in Arizona in January for 96th Convention

The end of the year is here and it’s time to start looking forward to events in 2022. If you live the life of a


Travel Study Reveals What People Plan for Holidays and Early 2022

The holidays are here and people are hitting the road. A travel study from GetYourGuide reveals an insightful look into the way people are traveling

Outer Banks Sanderling

Live Out Your Outer Banks Dreams at Sanderling Resort

It’s back! Netflix has announced plans to renew the wildly popular coming-of-age mystery show Outer Banks for a third season, and fans everywhere rejoice. In

Le Meurice

Room Number: Sleep Like Beyonce at Le Meurice’s Belle Etoile Penthouse

Everyone has a star they dream of living like. Maybe it’s Kim Kardashian or Bella Thorne. Maybe you have dreams of living like Brad Pitt