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Johnny Depp Sun Libel Trial—All About Amber Heard Washington Post Defamation Suit

The ongoing Johnny Depp litigation against News Group Newspapers, and Executive Editor, Dan Wootton, has entered the final hearing stage


Married at First Sight Success Rate: How Many Couples Stay Together?

Married at First Sight was a revolutionary and controversial show right from the moment it launched. A series of professionals match total strangers, who meet


MS-13 Inside World’s Most Violent Gang: Mexico City

Rafa had only been in Tijuana, Mexico for a couple of months before he was on a plane back to Mexico City. As a recent


Pedophilia and Human Trafficking are Real, But No They Don’t Involve Pizza or Politics

I eat pizza a lot but guess what, pedophilia and human trafficking are not OK with me; I just friggin’ LOVE pizza. Oh, and I


Jeffrey Epstein’s Art: What’ll Happen To Pedo’s Bizarre and Creepy Collection?

It’s fair to say Jeffrey Epstein’s art tastes ran to the creepy, weird, and oftentimes downright inappropriate. The now-dead convicted pedophile had a slew of


Shawne Merriman Sexual Assault Claims: Multiple Allegations Ex-NFL Star Roofies and Rapes Women

Shawne Merriman is claimed to be a man who roofies, rapes and sexually assaults women—according to numerous allegations that have been made against the ex-NFL

Naya Rivera body Lake Picu

UPDATE: Naya Rivera Missing Mystery—Actress Presumed Dead in Lake Piru Drowning: is Glee Curse Real?

UPDATE: Today, it was officially confirmed that Naya Rivera’s body has been found in the lake. She has officially been pronounced dead at 33. The


Kelly Preston Dies From Breast Cancer—John Travolta’s Wife Passes Away At 57

Kelly Preston has died, following a valiant battle against breast cancer. The wife of John Travolta passed away Sunday morning, July 12, 2020—she was 57-years


Will Ghislaine Maxwell Go To Jail Or Spill Jeffrey Epstein’s Dirty Secrets to Save her Skin?

Will Ghislane Maxwell go to Jail? That’s the question on everybody’s lips right now. Or, will the alleged Madam spill Jeffrey Epstein’s dirty secrets to

MS-13 gang sign

Inside MS-13 World’s Most Violent Gang: Deported Illegal Immigrant Life in Mexico

It didn’t take long for former MS-13 gang member Rafa to realize that living the deported illegal immigrant life in Mexico wasn’t going to be