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Elijah McClain Death Investigation Re-Opened—Will Colorado Cops Finally Face Justice?

Jared Polis announced today that the Elijah McClain death investigation is being re-opened by Attorney General Phil Weiser. The Governor’s edict was likely forced by


Inside MS-13 World’s Most Violent Gang: Sex, Drugs and Never Trust a Soul

Rafa had gained a wealth of street smarts while growing-up in Pico-Union and becoming part of MS-13, the world’s most notorious and violent gang, at

Jeffrey Epstein was it suicide

Jeffery Epstein Suicide Death Story is Flawed—Who Killed the Millionaire Pedophile?

The official Jeffery Epstein suicide death story is flawed, to say the least—it has more holes in it than a truck of Swiss cheese—so, who


Southern California COVID Virus Surge Amid Claims Javier’s Cantina Newport Beach is Covering-Up TEN Staff Member Infections

Southern California is suffering a surge in new COVID virus infections since the White House entered “phase three” of its official plan for “Opening Up

Image of a faceless mystery man with large question mark instead of face

Who is Q? Theory of Why QAnon Started as Controversial as Alt-Right Movement Itself

Who is Q has been the subject of countless articles, debates and arguments ever since he first popped up on 4chan back in late 2017.


Dear White People—Let’s Focus on WHY Not WHAT BLM Protestors are Rioting & Looting

Scrolling through social media, I’ve seen post after post from (majority white, but also some affluent black) people talking about what BLM rioters and looters

photo of Chris D'Elia accused sexual predaror and groomer of underage girls

Chris D’Elia—Sex Predator & Groomer or Wronged Victim?

Chris D’Elia—Sexual predator & groomer of young girls or wronged victim as he claims? Chris D’Elia has been accused of being a sexual predator and

MS 13 gang member Rafa in jail pruno shanks locks in socks

Inside MS-13 World’s Most Violent Gang: Jail 101—Pruno, Shanks & Locks in Socks

As CelebMagazine previously reported in part one, two, and three of its six-part series, Rafa, a fully-fledged member of MS-13 the world’s most notorious &


Kimberly Fattorini Death Way Less ‘Accidental’ Than Claimed—Cop Cover-Up or Incompetence?

Kimberly Fattorini was just 30-years old when her lifeless body was discovered by paramedics “lying supine on the floor with no vital signs” on July


Madeleine McCann Mystery Finally Solved After 13 Years? German Pedophile Arrested On Suspicion Of Murder

A German pedophile is believed to have murdered Madeleine McCann, leaving her distraught parents wondering if the mystery disappearance of their little girl has finally been