The ‘Awkward’ Red Carpet Between Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon

Lovers on-screen don’t always translate the same energy off-screen. Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon have been giving a very much


Lovers on-screen don’t always translate the same energy off-screen. Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon have been giving a very much deniable [romantic] chemistry during their red carpet debuts. So much in fact that Kutcher’s wife, Mila Kunis, called them out for being ‘awkward.‘ But don’t get this wrong, it’s all happy laughs.

‘Your Place Or Mine?’

This playful and funny rom-com tells the story of two best friends who recognize their true love for one another 20 years after their first meeting. And, we know that you’re already thinking, “another one?” But no. The spin put on this movie is that Netflix steered clear of the 20 or 30-something-year-old narrative and created Kutcher’s and Witherspoon’s characters to be very much grown up and settled into their ways.

The two were very much adored by the team they worked with, just as much as their fans. Writer and director, Aline Brosh McKenna, told Tudum “Ashton and Reese are iconic — two of the best ever.” Adding, “They create such a great atmosphere on set. They’re so professional and happy and cheerful and helpful. That really sets a tone for everyone, and I was really lucky to be around that. We just really had a ball.”

And, although their ‘awkward’ red carpet photos might show otherwise, Kutcher and Witherspoon are also said to have enjoyed each other’s company while working together.

The Cute Kind Of Awkward

Kutcher had nothing but good things to say about his opportunity to work alongside Witherspoon stating, “Honestly, I love romantic comedies. I’ve always wanted to work with Aline Brosh McKenna, and with Reese. So when I read the screenplay, which was brilliant and very reminiscent of my own personal life experience, I was like, ‘Hey, let’s do this.’” 

Kutcher revealed that the Legally Blonde star was just as impressive off-screen as she was on-screen with her efforts to get into character before filming even began. He shared, “She reached out to me about a month before we started shooting and was like, ‘Hey, we’re supposed to be like best friends, but I don’t really know you.’ And I was like, ‘That’s right.’ And then she started sending me video messages every day. And I started sending her video messages back. We started living the lives of the characters before we ever began filming. I just thought that was extraordinary.” 

Take note, that this wasn’t weird because Witherspoon and Kunis are actually friends themselves. Witherspoon shared, “It’s just fun because when you know a girlfriend so much, it was just fun to get to know her significant other ‘cause I’ve loved her for so long.” The Sweet Home Alabama star also exposed Kunis’ comment about their awkward red-carpet connection.

“She even emailed us last night,” Witherspoon said during an appearance on Today With Hoda & Jenna, which aired on Monday. “She goes, ‘You guys look so awkward on the red carpet together.’”

But, all in all, Witherspoon loved every moment of her time with the Your Place or Mine? family. “We had the best cast,” said Witherspoon, who’s also credited as a producer. “Everybody was laughing. We had the best time, and you can see that on the screen. We’re just having fun.” 

Check out the not-so-awkward rom-com on Netflix.