Clare Crawley Bursts into Tears in Bachelorette Promo: Who Broke Her Heart?!

If fans of the Bachelorette thought they knew what to expect in Clare Crawley’s season, ABC wants to tell them:

Bachelorette Clare Crawley

If fans of the Bachelorette thought they knew what to expect in Clare Crawley’s season, ABC wants to tell them: you have no idea. A new promo from the show throws all previous expectations out the window. For months now, there has been chatter that Crawley left weeks into her journey after finding love, which suggests smooth sailing. But the new promo shows tears and worry; what happened to Crawley? 

Crawley’s Journey to Bachelorette

Unfortunately, Crawley’s tears are not new to fans of the show. The future Bachelorette was once a contestant on The Bachelor, vying for the heart of Bachelor bad boy Juan Pablo Galavis. Galavis has been hailed as the, “Worst Bachelor Ever,” partly because of his flippant treatment of Crawley’s heart. 

UsWeekly sums up Galavis’ ending on the Bachelor as he narrowed it down to three women, including Crawley and Andi Dorfman. Then Dorfman walked away in disgust. Us writes, “‘He was honest to the point of offensive, entitled to the point of elitism and pompous to the point of disgust,’ Andi wrote about Juan Pablo. ‘He blasted Ray J and R. Kelly all night long and showed me dozens of videos of his old soccer highlights on YouTube. … All there was was the realization that I was nothing more than a pretty object he had no intentions of liking, let alone loving, and thus no amount of free travel was enticing enough to stay any longer.’

After Andi quit the show, Juan Pablo had to pick between Nikki, a pediatric nurse from Missouri, and Clare Crawley, a hairdresser from Sacramento. While he picked Nikki, he opted not to propose — or use the L-word.” Unsurprisingly, the pair didn’t last long. However, fans long remembered Crawley’s tears as Galavis callously asked her to, “stop crying.”

Crawley Finally Gets To Look For Love, But then COVID Hits

Bachelorette Clare Crawley

After being put through the wringer by Galavis and her time on Bachelor in Paradise and Bachelor Winter Games, Crawley was finally given her moment to shine. Now that she was announced as the new Bachelorette, Crawley was ready to find love. However, soon after, COVID changed everything. 

In the promo video released this week, Crawley can be seen in bed bemoaning the pandemic quarantine. A voiceover says, “her Bachelorette journey began like no other.” We’d say that’s pretty accurate. Filming was done under strict lockdown, and even host Chris Harrison found himself forced to comply. After dropping his son off at college, Harrison returned to the news that he would have to begin a new 14-day isolation protocol to avoid putting the cast and crew at risk on set. He was briefly replaced by JoJo Fletcher

Fans Thought They knew What to Expect

After reliable rumors suggested that Crawley was out shortly after filming because she found love with contestant Dale Moss, fans expected her story to be over quickly. Tayshia Adams was brought in to continue filming for the season on her own search for love. However, the new promo may suggest that fans writing off Crawley’s short time on the show are missing out. 

In the video, Crawley asks, “you think all these guys here are lying to me?” And one of the men says, “how about the 15 of us walk out?” 

A voice-over warns, “Even if you think you know what happens, you’re not that, ‘Clare-voyant.’” Harrison says, “this is historic.” The video ends with Crawley in tears.

So What Can Fans Expect?

Clare Crawley Smiling

The unexpected. If fans assumed that Crawley’s few weeks on the show would be uneventful, the promo dispels that misconception. Now fans know they can look forward not only to Adams’ time as the Bachelorette, but an apparently drama-filled short journey with Crawley as well. 

The Bachelorette premieres Tuesday, October 13th, on ABC.