Is Bad Bunny Coming For Devin Booker?

Fans of the rich and famous seem to think that Bad Bunny took a dig at Devin Booker in his new track,

Bad Bunny

Fans of the rich and famous seem to think that Bad Bunny took a dig at Devin Booker in his new track, “Coco Chanel.” The theory is a bit of a stretch but it’s enough for fans to ride the wave and stir up some drama.

Bad Bunny Marking His Territory

No, we don’t actually think that Kendall Jenner is his territory. Fans of the singer however do think that Bad Bunny is letting Jenner’s ex know that he’s coming out on top.

The theory surrounding Bad Bunny taking a shot at Booker centers around the first verse of his new song “Coco Chanel” which is a joint collaboration with Eladio Carrion for his new album 3MEN2 KBRN.

The lyric goes like:

“I’m not bad baby, that’s a gimmick. The sun in [Puerto Rico] heats up more than the one in Phoenix.”

In the verse he also mentions “dangerous” Scorpios which is in fact Jenner’s zodiac sign.

All just a coincidence? Maybe. But, also maybe not because Booker responded to the alleged dis.

Following up to a tweet about Bad Bunny and Jenner dating, Booker replied, “He worried about another MAN again.”


Had Kendall Moved On?



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Jenner and Booker dated for a while behind the scenes before sharing the news on Instagram. The model herself is known for keeping her private life private, unlike her sisters. The pair dated from 2020 until the fall of 2022 before calling it quits for good. It’s been reported that they ended amicably but will that still be the case if Bad Bunny continues with this energy?

Jenner and Bad Bunny, born Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, initially put the internet into a frenzy when they were spotted getting cozy on a double date with the model’s close friends, Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber.

On March 7, the foursome was seen leaving a West Hollywood restaurant (separately of course) and TMZ caught footage of what looked like a potential kiss between Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner.

An insider has since shared that Jenner didn’t have her mind set on getting into a new relationship post-break-up with Booker however, things change.

“Things are not official between Kendall and Bad Bunny, but they’re seeing each other on a regular basis and getting to know each other better,” a source told Us Weekly. They revealed that the reality star wasn’t “really looking to date” so soon after her breakup with Booker but, it’s always when we’re not looking right?

“… It’s not super serious, but she likes [Bunny] and is open to seeing where things go with him. Kendall appreciates how he treats her with respect and he makes her laugh. He’s very charming and she thinks he’s a great guy. Although things are still fairly new, she definitely sees potential,” the source shared.

What do you think about this? Are you team Bad Bunny or team Booker?