Celebrities Gathered in Brickell To Celebrate The Opening Of Gekkō by David Grutman And Bad Bunny

Tonight, a brand new restaurant opens in Brickell, just outside Miami, brought to you by Bad Bunny and David Grutman.

Celebrities Gathered in Brickell To Celebrate The Opening Of Gekkō by David Grutman And Bad Bunny

Tonight, a brand new restaurant opens in Brickell, just outside Miami, brought to you by Bad Bunny and David Grutman. What used to be Katsuya at SLS Lux Brickell Tower is now Gekkō. The new dining space, seating 185 people, was designed by the New York-based Rockwell Group.

Gekkō, meaning "moonlight" in Japanese, takes guests into twilight as they sit down in the dimly lighted space surrounded by walls of velvet draperies, natural wood accents, and jewel tones. Both indoor and outdoor seating is available as well as access to an intimate lounge inside.

Credit: World Red Eye

On Thursday, August 11, the award-winning Puerto Rican Latin trap and reggaeton star and the Groot Hospitality Founder celebrated the opening of their restaurant. The invite list had many popular names including Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, Future, David Beckham, Derek Jeter, and more.

Getting ToGekkō

Grutman and Bad Bunny brought together a ton of celebrity A-listers for an unforgettable celebration of the opening of their new restaurant.

They unintentionally stopped traffic with the excitement surrounding their party as well as the opening of Gekkō in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Brickell.

Bad Bunny arrived dressed to the nines in an all black suit accessorized with black sunglasses, all while stepping out of his white Bugatti. The moment he pulled up, fans cheered, "Benito! Benito!"

Referring to this new business endeavor he shared in a statement, “Sitting down with friends to enjoy a good meal is one of the moments I value the most. I am thrilled that now I will have a hand in creating this experience for others."

Gekkō welcomed a number of celebrities last night including Karol G, Jhay Cortez, Victoria Beckham, DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, Miami-Dade County Mayor, Daniella Levine Cava along with many others.

Everyone treated their taste buds to delicious bites and signature drinks from the new Japanese steakhouse. Tunes were provided by Zack Bia which had guests dancing the night away.

Lil Wayne and Timbaland were spotted chatting, while Jake Paul sat near the sushi bar, surrounded by friends.

Credit: World Red Eye

Credit: World Red Eye

Gekkō's menu is highlighted by prime cuts, Wagyu beef, and flamed-seared steak courses, all prepared tableside. Along with that will be a full list of seafood options including sushi, creamy and spicy lobster, sashimi, and raw plates such as Hokkaido scallops and the 24k Otoro, fatty tuna topped with edible gold. Japanese cuisine will also be showcased with milk bread and "Lava and Ice" Kumamoto oyster.

Grutman shared in a statement, “Gekkō is the result of so many of my obsessions in food. I knew I wanted to do something that combined these worlds, and once I started speaking with Bunny, I knew he’d be a great partner."

Grutman Does It Again

Grutman's success did not come at the snap of a finger. He worked hard from the bottom up and has filled a hefty portfolio in the realm of hospitality. He's the man behind Papi Steak, Komodo, Key Club, Swan and Strawberry Moon. He also partnered with Pharell Williams to open Goodtime Hotel. And, if you think he's stopping any time soon well, think otherwise. Grutman is actually planning on taking guests out of this world with a future venture. And we mean that quite literally.

CELEB reported on this remarkable new venture when it was announced in April; "If you've ever sat in a Grutman venue and thought, 'this feels like the future,' it turns out you were a little prophetic yourself. Because now, Grutman has taken his talent to soaring new heights alongside Space Perspective as they bring an exciting new way for the adventurous to see the world. Space Perspective is a company that offers edge-of-space flights, and Experience Curator Grutman has designed the world's first Space Lounge that will entertain the curious as they see the world as perhaps it was meant to be seen. Space Perspective recently unveiled their concept for Spaceship Neptune, the world's first luxury Space Lounge that will take 8 guests to new heights.

Grutman was brought into the project to design this Space Lounge, with panoramic views and an elegant interior that had to find a way to thrill without distracting from the views outside. Of course, Grutman is the master of balancing pizazz and reserve – and it shows in the new Lounge design. Grutman says of the experience in a statement, 'I am beyond excited about advising Space Perspective on the Space Lounge experience – we really want to make this transformative. The world class team at Space Perspective is on a mission to change people’s perception of what adventure travel can be. We have so many ideas on how we can customize the journey – from birthday celebrations, and corporate getaways, to creating seminal moments that will capture the imaginations of all.'

The Lounge itself will over 360-degree views of space and the world below. Grutman knows the value of a detail-oriented experience and it's all been carefully curated, right down to the Neptune drink glasses, a specially-designed dessert and a bar that feels like the best of Miami nightlife – just in space."